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Starting on November 14th 2010, competitors from around the world will be battling for the title of World Deca Ironman.

The action takes place in Monterrey, Mexico.  Monterrey is on the north eastern side of Mexico with a population of around 3 million and is the capital city of the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon.

The competitors will be racing the 38km of the swimming section in the Olympic indoor swimming pool at the University of Nuevo Leon.  They will then go on to complete a total of 938 laps of the bike circuit inside the Parque Niños Heroes.  The run circuit will take place in the same area as the bike section but in the opposite direction.

Parque Niños Heroes

This is a phenomenally challenging endurance event and, needless to say, the organisers are at pains to ensure that all goes smoothly and everyone plays fair.  To that end, each athlete is required to provide medical certificates confirming their fitness/ability to compete and abide by the IUTA anti doping regulations.

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  • kopp valentin says:

    j’aimerai savoir si après un arret de 15 ans est-il possible de reprendre le triathlon, j”ai 42 ans, j’ai tenté de battre le record du monde en 1989 du quintuple ironman détenu a l’époque par guy rossi, arret du médecin aprés 90h de course est 60 km de course a pied restant, je suis tenté par le double déca.merci de me rèpondre, quelque référence personnel, 15min 05 sur 5000m sur route, 1h10 sur un semi marathon et moin de 2h30 sur un marathon.

    • Dave Clamp says:

      42 ans est vraiment jeune !!!! Pas de probleme de reprendre le triathlon. J’ai fait mon premier double a 40ans en hollande. avec ton histoire tu as aussi la possibilite d’etre tres fort

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