Dave Clamp

Dave has now completed nearly a third of the swim section of the Deca in approximately 4 hours. A bit of cramp setting in so a few minutes rest to take on board a banana and more fluids before setting off again.

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  • Charlotte says:

    Keep going Uncle D!!!
    Thinking of you

  • Pam & Kevin says:

    Hope the water temperature isn’t causing you too many problems. Just look out of the window here and the cars are all iced up! Bolton won yesterday, so can you. xx

  • Jane M says:

    Thanks for the updates John.
    Keep at it Dave – a nice warm pool has some advantages over a wet, muddy, frosty , brambly forest!
    Ex.pecting you to be on your bike by the time I get up tomorrow.

  • Alison C says:

    Hey Dave sorry this is the first message from me meant to text you last night but got drunk instead (;- I’m sure you’ll understand… Keep up the good start stay focussed and don’t get injured! wish I could have come along to keep those glutes from tightening!!!

  • jessie brown nee clamp says:

    Keep at it, dont give up and you will realise the dream
    All the best

    Gail and the rest of the little clampsxxxx

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