Dave Clamp

Dave has now completed 336.9 km of the bike ride.  Had an hours’ sleep this afternoon and is going very well.  He is now 1 lap behind Roger Lehman and riding comfortably. Next stop is at 6 pm local time for some food and then he hopes to ride non-stop until midnight before getting some sleep.

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  • Brian says:

    Remeber our discussion re: not over pushing it to go mad!
    Take your time and it will all come together – you ARE Dave Clamp after all :)
    Plenty of time, just keep it together.

    Thinking of you – best wishes.

  • steve jones says:

    keep it going dave everyone at bolton tri is rooting for you!

  • Rebecca Clamp says:

    Dear Dave,

    You are great and have a good day in Mexico.

    Good Luck!

    Keep strong and don’t give up!

    Love from Becca’s Class!

    We are following every day! the students are very excited about your race and hope you get a medal!

  • Trevor says:

    awesome Dave keep that bike movin…just a short jog to the finish after that

  • Alison C says:

    You’re doing great Dave! Keep it up and look after that body. Alison & Andy

  • Victoria (niece) says:

    Great job so far Dave. You actually got me out of bed a bit earlier this morning! Mum will be shocked. Even managed to spell niece right this time too. So much for a linguist…
    Have a good day you are doing an amazing job! x

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