Dave Clamp

20.45 Hour Report

November 17, 2010

It’s 20.45 and a lot cooler than earlier in the day!  Dave has now covered 1,263.88 kilometres (659 laps) which is the equivalent of 7 Ironman cycle rides!  Pace is still pretty good and he is pleased with what we are going to achieve by the end of the day.  A shower and a four hour sleep in a proper warm bed tonight should help compensate for the lack of sleep last night.  Dave has hydrated and fed very well today and taken little time out to sustain a favourable position at the head of the field.  Tomorrow afternoon or early evening should see him complete the cycling and start out on the first of the ten marathons.  Wish him luck!

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  • Pam and Kevin says:

    Good morning ‘r kid – glad we’re back online and thanks to all those behind the scenes working to help you. Keep going steady away. xx

  • Allen Clamp says:

    Well hello. I ndex said still not on line but we are Hurrah.Well done Joanne. The results page is stuck on 83 hours and 653 laps.0900 here so you’ll all be wrapped up in bed. Get your rest John. You’re all doing fine Soon on the run. He’s good at running !!! LOTSALUV Mum &Dad

  • Peter Cusick says:

    excellent work so far Dave! A bit to close for comfort but I am sure your patience will pay dividends further down the track. I am checking the results almost every hour! Peter

  • Andrew Crickmore says:

    You’re doing great! Keep it up and hold on to that lead!

  • Bernard (Bolton Tri Club) says:

    Fantastic effort Dave! Keeping working within yourself and keep smiling! All the best from all at BTC

  • Tim & Nicola says:

    Looks like an early start has been made this morning to keep at the front – has this been a 03:00 start? Crikey! Hope the tactics keep working and keep pedalling.

  • Brian says:

    Hoping that the sleep re-energises what has been a fantastic effort so far!
    Willing you on Dave – you deserve a good crack at this mate.
    Go DAVE!!!

  • harriet says:

    Wow pops u really are doing great!! Everyone seems to be following! Its all over the internet! Can’t believe u will be on the run soon that’s amazing!! Keep it up, we are all following at work :) keep smiling xx

  • Allen Clamp says:

    Oh dear, We’re all doing speling erriors eggsept Pam.Sory Joanna got an e insted of an a. Whichever way yor doin fine and thanks 4 gettin on lyn agane. Dad

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