Dave Clamp

Afternoon report Day 9

November 23, 2010

Hi Everyone,  here is the latest news of the action at Parque Ninos Heroes, Monterey.  Dave has now covered 60 km since 01.00 this morning!  He is on lap 188 out of 220 and been making a sterling effort to keep the second place spot.  Antal Voneki has reached 168 laps and Sergio Cordeiro has been galloping along and reached lap 162.

It has been very hot again during the mid-day period but Dave has just kept on going relentlessly.  Dave has been accompanied by his crew member or Christian Mauduit’s crew (his wife Valerie!) on quite a lot of the laps covered today in order to help him through the ordeal.  Every team is willing to assist the others even though they may be in competition with each other; something you you don’t see in many other sports.  For example, Gregor Sundin needed a front wheel when his tire became faulty – Dave readily offered his as he had finished the bike section and even helped change it!  The competition may be tense but there is a great sense of companionship and kindred spirit.

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