Dave Clamp

Breakfast Report Day 7

November 21, 2010

Dave has had to get his right ankle strapped as it became very painful.  His lap times have become longer than he had wanted and, although he had reduced the deficit between himself and Christian Mauduit during the night, it seems as though Christian is gradually increasing his lead by lapping at a much faster rate than Dave.

Christian has 82 laps to go to reach the finish line whilst Dave has 110.  Dave is fine mentally and is soldiering on as best he can with an injury that is restricting his mobility quite considerably.

Great support messages from you all very welcome!

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  • Charlotte says:

    Keep going Dave!!! Your doing so well! Keep your pace and your head held high!!

    • Tony Fisher says:

      Dear Dave
      Sorry to see you have an injury. I know you can keep going: you’re on for a great time. We both know you don’t need both legs to finish don’t we?!
      With very best wishes Tony-Deca-hop-a-long-Fisher

  • Pam & Kevin says:

    Charlotte couldn’t say it better. We’re all there with you – keep steady. xx

  • Just do your best – inspirational whatever happens from here!
    Use the energy Dave of all the people sending you good thoughts.

    Fantastic effort so far – walk when you need to but keep moving forward :)

  • Hazz says:

    just got to keep pushing on.. this is where the deca really kicks in, push through the pain, U have done brill so far we all know you can do it.. very pround indeed.

  • John Heaney says:

    Hell fire Dave, you’re doing great.
    You knew it would hit the fan at some stage but you are coping fabulously with it.
    Hang on in there, I’m covering every yard with you.
    Vusualise that finish _ getting closer with every steop.
    Keep it going. You are doing fantastic!
    John Heaney.

  • Steve Jones says:

    Keep it going Dave, fantastic effort so far – maybe Christian will crack yet!!

  • Rebecca Clamp says:

    Dave your doing fantastic! keep up the good work!

    Lap times creeping up too, keep steady and keep your head up!

    Everyone is so proud of you x

  • emma says:

    dave, really proud of you, watching the lap times constantly – willing you on – just keep doing what you are doing em

  • Rebecca Clamp says:

    Hi Dave,

    Sorry but Bolton arent staying 4th for long, City are 3-0 up! :)

    Take it out on the track! keep smiling :)

  • Mike Searle says:

    Well done Mr Awesome. What you are achieving is fantastic – so impressive. A mega performance – just keep it up, I’m tracking your every move on t’internet!

  • Trevor says:

    I am sure I don’t have to say its all about focus Dave – you are already a champion an amazing distance covered – just ensure you and the team make the right decisions no permanent injuries please

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