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Cycling section finished!

November 19, 2010

Good morning (if you’re in the UK)!  Dave has finished the cycling section of the Deca Ironman!

At 01.30 hrs local time he completed his 939th lap of the circuit (1800 kilometres) and is preparing to start running the first of 10 marathons.  It has been difficult keeping up with him but I have succeeded in being with him every pedal of the way!

Dave is going to have something hot to eat, a quick medical check up, change into his running kit and get straight out onto the circuit again!

Oh, by the way, I nearly forgot to mention….he is in the lead by 21 laps!  Nearest 2 competitors have gone to sleep for a few hours so he should be able to build up an even healthier lead overnight.

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  • Pam and Kevin says:

    Brilliant, well done both of you. Nice to see a photo of David smiling. Just the jog to do now!! x

  • Andrew Crickmore says:

    Thats great keep it up! How many laps does he have to do?

    • Jane M says:

      Andrew, the event website says the running loop is 1.88k so that would be 220 plus a few laps. Hope that gives you a rough idea

  • Nick C says:

    Brilliant news. Presumably a rest is planned at some stage :-) Would like to be with him every step of the way but despite his training I wouldn’t last even the first marathon. Keep up the good work. Nick

  • John, Alan and Paul says:

    Well done, keep going from John, Alan and Paul! There’s a cold pint waiting for you in The Flag

  • Rebecca Clamp says:

    Wow! Amazing work Dave! we will check in with you again shortly with the class!

    Good luck with the run! keep your focus and fit in lots of rests! you have a nice healthy lead, hope it stays that way.

    RUN DAVID RUN!!! x

  • Tim & Nicola says:

    Excellent news David! Well done on the swim and the cycle – you’ve done a great job and we’re all glued to our PC’s watching for updates – Thanks John, we appreciate what you’re doing for us as well as Dave. :-)

  • Jane M says:

    Good morning chaps. Fantastic work so far by both of you.
    Remember the Chinese proverb: To get through the hardest journey, we need only take one step at a time but we must keep on stepping.
    GO DAVE!

  • harriet says:

    Woweeee this is brilliant! So pleased!pace urself pops n stick to your plan. Keep yourself fueled up properly n look after those legs!! So proud x

  • Remeber Dave – you’re good at this bit!
    and that’s all it is (relatively) a bit of the race left :) :)

    Willing you on – steady but solid.

    Go Dave!!!

  • Edmunds family. says:

    Two down and one to go Dave. Keep it up as you are doing great !

  • Allen Clamp says:

    Well done the pair of you.Delighted- how could we not be?
    Thought he would go to bed as soon as finished-must be feeling good.Have a good sleep WOW. Mum&Dad

  • alison c says:

    Doing brilliantly – just the ‘jog’ to go! Willing you on from the Forest Hills gym… Alison

  • Peter Cusick says:

    bet you are glad to be off that bike!! take it steady mate. Just 1.5 x GUCR to go!!

  • Allen Clamp says:

    hi there this is mere well done david and john agreat team effort you will need to use your brains for the next few days hope they are still functioning good luck love mum and dad

  • Wow Dave, you are doing great!!!! And, yes, Pam I know that is not correct English – just copying Victoria!
    Keep it up Dave, everyone is so proud of you!!

  • Victoria (niece) says:

    Haha. Mum is getting some stick today!! But seriously, you are doing an amazing job. AS soon as I walked up the stairs to the bathroom this morning my housemate shouted… “how’s he doing?”
    Brilliantly is the answer. Just stay focused and at a steady pace. Look after those feet! x

  • Susan and Lawrence Jones says:

    Well done dave – just a ‘jog’ to go now. Great to see you smiling – keep it up and just keep going!

  • Mike Searle says:

    Fantastic Dave, you’re storming it! Break that run down into mentally manageable chunks and keep ticking the kilometres off.
    Keep going Mr Awesome!

  • Mike Cooper says:

    Great work Dave keep it going!! From Mike at the rest of the leisure team at Forest Hills!!

  • Bernard (Bolton Tri Club) says:

    2 down 1 to go!!! Great stuff Dave…. We’re with you every step!

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