Dave Clamp

Congratulations Dave Clamp (GB)!

He crossed the finish line at 08.09 hrs local time to cla

im the runner up spot in the Deca Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Monterrey, Mexico.

Dave completed the Deca in  239 hrs 04 mins and 56 secs.                                              .

After an excellent swim in which he emerged from the pool in second place, Dave was in the lead by the end of the cycling section.  After completing 3 marathons he suffered stomach problems, a badly swollen ankle and hands and was overtaken by Christian Mauduit (France), who went on to win the event.  Dave bravely continued in spite of the setbacks and the pain from his foot and kept his nearest competitors at bay with some intelligent pacing and lengthy episodes of running.

Thank you everybody who has been following this event via this website and for all the fantastic messages of support – you have played a massive part in helping Dave to keep on going through some tough times over the past 9 days.

Well done, Dave Clamp “DECA IRONMAN” !

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  • Alan T says:

    Well done Dave. Owen Coyle has just been on the phone to ask if you fancy a run out on saturday!!!! Congratulations, now get yourself a beer! Diane said she will have doughnuts waiting for you! Well done mate.

  • Wow, wow, and even more WOOOOOOW!

    Well done on sucha fantastic achievement, on sticking through all the hard times and on entertaining us all :)

    More than anything, THANK YOU for taking H with you mate – only you know how much it means to me seeing that finishers photo and that T-shirt :)

    THANK YOU from me, H would be VERY VERY PROUD.

  • Trevor says:

    well done Champ it is an awesome achievement to become a Deca Ironman the sun and surf is calling after a very very large beer

  • alison c says:

    Well done many many times over – you really showed us why you are so good at these events by gritting your teeth and keeping going when things got tough. I cannot begin to imagine how hard that must be! Go and have a long sleep then stuff your face and enjoy a few beers. See you next week for a massage perhaps? (I’ll be gentle I promise!)

  • Mike Searle says:

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS DAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    There are insufficient superlatives in the English language to describe what you have achieved – in spite of the distance, in spite of the fatigue, in spite of the conditions, in spite of the mental torture, in spite of your injuries and you have still delivered.

    You should be rightly proud of it all – your internet fanclub is!
    Now enjoy . . . whatever you want and of course your podium position.

    Looking forward to hearing the back story, in the meantime, have a great rest over the next few days – you deserve it Mr Awesome!

  • James Davidson says:

    Hi Dave

    You are a STAR. (Mad but a star none the less)
    Go and put your feet up.

  • Charlotte says:


    You are a true inspiration!!!
    You now well an truly deserve a rest!
    Go get a Beer Chill and think about what an AMAZING task you have just completed!!!!
    So PROUD!!! ^_^

  • ivan davies (client) says:

    congratulations Dave. A truly brilliant performance. I have no idea how you even contemplated 7 more marathons with an injured ankle, but you did it!!! Looking forward to running up Frodsham hill with you soon and hearing all about it, after you’ve recovered that is!!

    I bet that first beer is gonna taste good. well done Decaman.

  • John and Margo says:

    Congratulations Dave. Such an amazing achievement. We can’t begin to imagine how elated you must be feeling. Enjoy! John and Margo

  • Jane M says:

    “adversity causes some men to break” – but not DECA DAVE :-) :-) :-)
    It’s great to see the smile back on your face as you cross the finish line.
    Hope you and John both have a good rest now – you have earned it.
    Well done.

  • Peter Cusick says:

    nice one Dave – look forward to reading the race report!

  • DC says:

    So it’s official you are A MACHINE. Unbelievable don’t know how you do it, but so pleased for you. Enjoy the celebrations and see you hext week for the post deca party ! (well cakes anyway).

  • Nick C says:

    Great effort Dave – truly hard fought second place. Well deserved for everything you have put in. Still think that the event is crazy:-)
    Congratulations also to John! Dave has slogged every kilometre, you must have felt that you were beside him all the way AND you kept us all updated and I am sure kept Dave positive during the tough times. A real team effort. Enjoy the break and the ceremony. Safe journey home.
    Now, when’s the next one….? (although I am not sure that I can stand watching it!)
    Best wishes. Nick

  • Mick Barnes says:

    Congratulations on a great finish-enjoy!!

  • Lainey says:

    Congratulations!!!! fantastic well done. Said it before-inspirational.
    Btw, think the website is great. Congrats to all involved with it.

  • Manu Corcoran says:

    Congratulations Dave!! You rock. We have been eagerly following your progress and I will share the news with the staff today. Yoku dekimashita!!!

  • Ironmark says:

    Hallo Superathlet,

    auch von mir Gratulation zu Deiner tollen Leistung. Knapp unter einem Tag pro Langdistanz – bemerkenswert. Dass der Christian so gut ist, hätte ich nicht erwartet – egal Du bist auch so stolz über den 2. Platz – und das zurecht! Also schlaf Dich aus, kuriere Deine Füße und lass Dich kräftig feiern. Wenn Du nächstes Jahr in Lensahn startest, gibt’s von mir ein Bier obendrauf.

    Viele Grüße aus Frankfurt,


  • dave madders ( client / trainee dave clamp! ) says:

    awesome achievement dave. to complete an event like that is unbelievable, to stand on the podium is truly incredible. whatever youre drinking right now it’ll taste like the best beer youve ever drank and you truly deserve it!

  • What an incredible end – runner up at your ripe old age – you are incredible! Proud to know you Dave! Look forward to hearing all about it over a few noggins!! Lynda x

  • susan and lawrence jones says:

    An absolutely fantastic result for you Dave – wooo hoo! What an athlete you are and the titles to show for it! Am so pleased for you. Hope you rest well and enjoy the rest of your time in Mexico!

  • Tim & Nicola says:

    Well done David. Bet you think you deserve a rest now but you’ve had us all on edge for the last week and a half and it’s us that need a rest!!
    Enormous congratulations on what you’ve achieved and massive thanks to John for keeping us updated and supporting you.

    Have a great chill down, both of you! :-)

  • John, Paul, Alan says:

    Well done you’re absolutely amazing! We’ll have to get you down to the pub for a deserved pint. Now go and have a full 24 hour sleep!

  • Tony Bargh says:

    Great effort Dave, how you kept going I don’t know ….. Oh yes I do, you’re Mad . Congratulations and enjoy the beer .

  • Allen Clamp says:

    well done David Congratulations on a fantastic effort Thankyou to John for great coverage We have been with you all the way We hope you are having a good day and look forward to hearingyour version of it all next week Enjoy the rest of your stay and have a safe journeyhome love M and D

  • Davy says:

    Mate Unbeleivable!!!, Fair Play to you!! Cant wait to hear about it all over a few pints. Different league Dave.

  • Helen Nicklin says:

    A million, billion, trillion, zillion CONGRATULATIONS to you – you Deca Ironman you!! Outstanding achievement! Superstar cousin! With love and much admiration from us all xxx

  • dave Baker says:

    Big congrats Dave excellent.

  • Edmunds family. says:

    Many conratulations on a tremendous finish Dave. Fended off the rest of the field brilliantly at the end there. Well deserved after all your training and effort…enjoy !

  • Helen M says:

    Wow amazing , what can I say you did it and you did it good!! I am sure
    it’s beer o’ clock? Look forward to seeing you next week. Enjoy your well
    Earned holiday now ;) hxxx

  • Big Ted says:

    Mr David Clamp

    Words are inadequate. But thanks for the inspiration anyway.

    Tremendous, sir

    Big Ted

  • Jo Fulton says:

    Brilliant and a quite a bit unbelieveable. Well done.

    Jo x.

  • Bernard (Bolton Tri Club) says:

    Simply inspirational Dave…. Very well done!!! Hope you’ve had a few beers…

  • Pam & Kevin says:

    Looks like you’ll be drunk for a month with everybody who wants to take you for a drink!!! Hope you and John are relaxing today and that your injuries are healing. Enjoy the sun, its snowing here and the car won’t start.

  • chris gambs says:

    outstanding!!! well done Dave. Enjoy the rest and watching the others run in AFTER you :-]

  • steve jones says:

    Determined Dave does the Deca! Mega achievement.

  • Haze C says:

    An unbelievable fantastic result! Quite inspirational! Enjoy the glory and the rest of your time in Mexico.

  • Michelle says:

    Wicked Dave, well done. You must be stoked!!! An inspiration, however I’m going to leave the long runs and crazy iron-mans to you :)

  • Tony Fisher says:

    Very well done Dave and well done your crew! Best wishes Tony Fisher

  • Jim Eckersley says:

    Well done dave. This result just confirms what I have
    always thought.You are a great athlete

    best wishes


  • Jane Andrewsand Steve Sutton says:

    Dave, you are a truly amazing “human being”. Many congratulations on your latest epic achievement.
    Steve and Jane.

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