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Hi everybody! Dave is still pedalling away and, although he didn’t really sleep last night, he has stuck to the task and cut his times taken for rest stops down by eating on the track edge (still on his his bike!) and has had an hour’s sleep at 12.30 when the sun was at it’s heighest in the sky. A wise move as the temperature has been 28 degrees (82.4 F)! The chip system has been playing up and now I can’t access the times on the organizers web site! At 17.23 he had done 624 laps which is a massive 1,196.775 km and is about 10 laps ahead of the next cyclist. Still in the lead and happy with the rate at which he is lapping (comfortably!). Next feeding stop is at 18.30 hrs so we shall report again after then.

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  • Beverley Saunders says:

    Well done Dave. Glad to read you are still in the lead, now that both your website and the results website are back on-line. You must be looking forward to reading everyone’s supportive comments again. You’re an inspiration!

  • Mike Searle says:

    Well done Dave. EVERYONE is rooting for you back in ‘ole Blighty, you are the talk of the town. Words like awesome, incredible and fantastic are continually used – which is bang on.
    Keep on keeping on and doing what you do best – being the best.

  • steve jones says:

    excellent work dave. Am constantly checking the results page which makes fascinating reading – how sad am i? Am sure that french guy is a perfectly nice chap but i cant help feeling pleased when he does a slow lap!

  • Allen Clamp says:

    Had the “Marathon Talk” with Yelling & Williams on this evening – very good.Will be on next week also. They think you’re crazy but even more so – the duadeccas. Don’t be rushed into completing bike tonight. Get a good night’s sleep for the jog tomorrow. Let the Frenchman know you mean business tomorrow.With you all the way. Mum& Dad

  • Allen Clamp says:

    John, Sorry to natter you again. Is the total laps 939?
    We had it down as 965.26 less will suit us fine. Allen

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