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Good morning everyone! It’s 04.48 and here is the latest o Dave’s Deca. Dave cycled until 00.15 hrs last night and then headed for a proper bed to sleep until 04.00 this morning. He is now refuelled and back on the track refreshed (as much as he can be!) and continuing to pace himself carefully. He is now officially in 2nd place behind Christian Mauduit by 1 lap as Christian continued to cycle later into the early hours of this morning while Dave was sleeping. It is a leapfrog effect whereby one competitor is bound to catch up laps whilst others are resting and the others are going to catch up while you are resting. Dave still has 290 miles of cycling to go before he starts the running phase and it makes sense to continue to stick to a plan that works than try and ‘race’ each stage.
Dave feels fit and healthy and is comfortable with how he is progressing. Continue to send those messages of support as they mean a lot to him and he sends his thanks to you all.

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  • Nick C says:

    After last night’s football, we do expect Dave to finish in front of Christian by the end of the race:-) Glad the plan is still working, keep up the good work (both of you!!)

  • Victoria (niece) says:

    Well I read this, checked the live results and you are back in the lead again! There is no stopping you! You are doing a fantastic job. Glad you got a good sleep. Don’t forget to do that!!
    The end of the cycle is so nearly in sight xx

  • Allen Clamp says:

    Sure thing – France won’t win on two fronts!! Don’t get out of bed too early, doin’ great ” the boy done well!! Mum&Dad

  • Susan and Lawrence Jones says:

    Watching your progress on here and results page – your doing so well. Keep going.

  • Charlotte says:

    Is Toz has said just checked up and noticed you back in the lead!!!! Keep Going!!! Just remember to pace yourself!!!!

    Keep up the good work!!


  • Tim & Nicola says:

    Not updated for over an hour on the Multisport site! Eeek – how’s it going guys. John – can you post an update please? :-)

  • the other clamps says:

    We are all thinking of you and are in awe of your progress Dave, Keep it up… “Live the dream”.
    You certainly deserve to be successful.

  • Helen Nicklin says:

    Go Dave Go!!! We are all thinking about you, marvrlling at you and wondering what on earth it must feel like to be in your shoes!! All our love the Nicklins and Baldies x

  • Tim & Nicola says:

    Good to get the “multisport” site back and running – we were a bit worried not seeing any updates for several hours. Keep steady and keep to your plan for the whole event.

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