Dave Clamp

Early Evening Report Day 6

November 20, 2010

Another scorching day today for the cyclists and runners.  Dave’s stomach problem has been quite debilitating and prevented him from moving along at the pace he would like to run at.  Christian Mauduit has continued to push on and has now completed 115 laps (217 km) whereas Dave has had to spend a fair amount of time recovering from tiredness and the effects of severe pain in his abdomen.  The Mexican medics speak very little English and are really only therapists; he was given Boscapina which is for gastro-intestinal spasms this morning and it seems to have had some effect.  This afternoon he was given Melox which is supposed to be similar to Immodium!

He is extremely tired and needs to re-charge his batteries so has gone to have a shower and rest until 21.00 hrs when he will resume running.  He is nearly half way in terms of overall running distance and is conscious of  managing sleep and nutrition very carefully in order to achieve 422 km on the track.

Thanks for the fabulous supportive messages everybody!  Keep them coming….

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