Dave Clamp

Dave has only half a marathon distance left to go!  He is currently on lap 212 out of 222 and in fine form.  His pace is good and equal or better than the next two competitors so it looks like he will secure 2nd spot later on this morning.

Sergio Cordeiro has overtaken Antal Voneki and is lying 3rd on lap 193.  Voneki is on his 188th lap and is likely to finish 4th later today.

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  • Pam Clamp says:

    You truly are DECA DAVE. Go for it! xx

  • Aaron says:

    Been following since the start on the TriTalk thread, amazing willpower to continue and hold on to 2nd place, especially with sergio storming the run

  • Jane M says:

    Morning John, live results are a bit random as usual. Any lap countdown that you can zap out for us Team Clamp Groupies much appreciated.
    BTW, what a brilliant effort from you over the last 11days! You must also be looking forward to a rest now. Great photos too, they really capture the essence of the event and the toll it takes on those who dare to try it.

  • alison c says:

    Great stuff Dave – you are doing fantastically well! Andy & I are willing you on…

  • Victoria (niece) says:

    Great stuff Dave. Just one final push and you are done. GO GO GO X

  • Dave
    Most people would have dropped out with LESS going wrong!
    You have stuck through it, stuck to the task (which is the ‘Hardest Thing’) and will hopefully at about 8am your time (2pm UK time) cross that line for a well earned 2nd in the Decaman World championships!!!

    Proud to be able to say that I know and train with you.

  • susan and lawrence jones says:

    Dave – fantastic news thrilled to hear your in good form and making good time. Really hope you finish strong and can’t wait to see a photo of you at the finish line!

  • Mary & Allen Clamp says:

    Hi there David and John A fantastic effort from you both down to the last 10 and counting .Have a good day love m and d on the golf course

  • Alan T says:

    Nearly there Dave! We can only imagine what you have gone through these last few days, it’s been torture for us back home TRYING! to keep up to date with the times! So what your doing is truly inspirational!! Keep going mate nearly there!

  • Victoria (niece) says:

    5 laps to go. It really is the final countdown and we are all willing you on back home. Amazing! x

  • Jane M says:

    Yep – 5 laps to go and I have to go out now – arrgh!
    Well done Dave – your are finishing in style :-)

  • Beverley Saunders says:

    Fantastic that you only have 2 laps to go – what a tremendous effort. I am truly in awe of your determination, willpower and performance to push your body so far to achieve what will be a great 2nd place.
    … and when I completed my first marathon I thought that was an achievement! :)
    Looking forward to hearing the news from John when you cross that line.

  • Come on Dave, get a move on I want to go for my lunch!!! :)

  • Victoria (niece) says:

    Brian I was about to say exactly the same thing!! Beverley you said 2 laps to go. Have the live results frozen again?? x

  • Pam Clamp says:

    Quite agree Brian, my mouse is nearly worn out. Enjoy the moment David and John.

  • Beverley Saunders says:

    Sorry, Victoria, it’s my maths – I meant 4 laps to go, duh. :)

  • Charlotte says:

    You have done so AMAZINGLY!!! Just that last little push now!!
    KEEP GOING were all willing you on!!!!

  • Tim & Nicola says:

    All downhill now!
    Enjoy crossing that line :-)

  • ivan davies (client) says:

    go on Dave. Get ove that line so i can tell people that
    my personal trainer has just finished in 2nd at the world decaman championships…superb performance.

  • mark russell says:

    Awesome performance Dave ,everyone at Bolton Triathlon club are really proud of you!

  • Sam says:

    Well done!! suitably proud old man

  • *%^*?:@ Unbelievable, *&@:?(*H well done!!! :)

  • Pam Clamp says:

    Flippin’ marvellous. Congratulations to you both. Looking forward to the pics of the finish. Enjoy yourselves xx

  • Beverley Saunders says:

    Yes..ss! Congratulations on achieving 2nd place in the Deca World Challenge 2010 – awesome. :)

  • Victoria (niece) says:

    Well done. Congratulations. Brilliant!!

  • Tim & Nicola says:

    Fancy a lap of honour??? :-)

    Well done big bro’ – proud of you!!

  • Dave (and John AND Joanna) – Thank you for the “entertainment” for the last 10 days. Don’t know about you but I’m knackered now, I need a rest :)

    Seriously – WELL DONE Dave and THANKS to you all!

  • Allen Clamp says:

    Don’t know what to say – your brill so proud. Welldone both of you .Enjoy the moment Mum& Dad

  • John Heaney says:


    Well done Dave (what more can anyone say?)

    Everyone is deeply chuffed for and proud of you.

    Thanks for looking after the guy. Now go and do some serious partying.

    John (deeply chuffed for you) Heaney.

  • Gordon Johnston says:

    You went, you swam, you cycled, you ran – you conquered. What mental and physical fortitude you needed and showed – fantastic.

  • Arthur Pohl says:

    Congratulations. Killed the beast in you at last! Now you can recover a bit and go back to party life.

  • Allen Clamp says:

    Are youlot partying while the world is waiting for pics and news. -

  • jan Wright says:

    Fantastic news Dave will pass it on to all those at Tottington who think they know the meaning of the word Knackered!!

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