Dave Clamp

Early morning report Day 6

November 20, 2010

Dave felt much better after a couple of hours sleep from 19.30 hours last night and ran fairly consistently afterwards to stay in touch with Christian, who had gone ahead by six laps.

Christian went to sleep at 01.30 this morning and this gave Dave the chance ‘leapfrog’ him.  He started suffering pains in his abdomen and bravely soldiered on for three hours but only managed to get three laps ahead by the time Christian woke and rejoined the race.  We went to the medic (who didn’t speak English!) who gave him two pills after ‘listening’ to Dave’s explanation of what ailed him!

We tried another lap but then decided to go and take a shower, have some more food and an hour’s rest and start again.  The mysterious pain seemed to subside upon reaching his room so it should hopefully just be a hiccup in the journey towards completing the Deca Ironman successfully.  There are still 7 marathons to go and Dave will not lose much relatively in terms of distance by the time he gets back on the track (08.00 local time ).

The website providing the results is supposedly being updated automatically every 15 minutes but from what I can tell, Mexican minutes are different to the rest of the world!  It is just as frustrating here because we have to keep walking 50 metres from our tent/desk area to find out the split times whenever the site doesn’t update!

Watch this space, the race is fr from over!

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  • A well earned rest – and being refreshed shouldmake all the difference Dave.
    Going well and still well within target.
    Plenty of time for you so stick to your plan.

  • Hazz says:

    Still goin really well… hope those pains stay out the way. If thats the only tummy trouble hes had then thats brill. Still plenty of time to get ahead again. Keep smiling. Hope the ipod is helping too. Everyone is following :)

  • Hazz says:

    p.s. dont let him whimper into not getting back on the track when hes due too.. kick him up the bum. a good tellin off works when hes being stubborn

  • Gary says:

    This guy is a remarkable, cant see tummy pains getting in the way off a person who has the drive and will power to do something like this

  • Mick Barnes says:

    Rest well Dave- well earnt!!

  • Alan T says:

    some good news to spur you on, Bolton 2-0 up against Newcastle! You could be in the top four at the end of the day!!! Come on Dave you can do it!!!!

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