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Going well! Nearly there!

November 14, 2010

At 10.20 local time Dave completed 34 km in an overall time of 13 hrs 16 mins. Only 4 km to go and he is looking strong and really focused! Averaging 22 mins per km and taking a 8 – 10 min break every 2 km. This means he should finish in about 1 hr 50 mins time – 00.30 hrs of 15th November. Overall time expected to under 15 hours.
Dave is hoping to get on his bike and lay down as many miles of the 1800 km needed before tomorrow night!
Keep the messages of support coming.

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  • jules taylor says:

    WHAT IS HIS POSITUION??????????? We need to know whether he is 1st….2nd…3rd etc. Please can we have position always.cheers. Not a bad time under 15hrs….he really needs to lay it down on the bike tho…demoralise everyone else…just smoothly up a gear from 2008. Good team work guys.

  • Pam & Kevin says:

    Woken up to a frosty morning – gritters have been out! Glad to see you’re doing well. Do you know where we can get a list of participants and how they are all doing? Off to walk Spice in coat, hat and gloves. HAGD Pam xx

  • Rebecca Clamp says:

    Hi John and Dave!

    Great updates! Well done Dave your doing a magnificent job!

    Is there any news on standings yet? I know there is a long way to go but its good to keep informed!

    Keep up the good work x

    • Jane M says:

      Rebecca, the event website is useless. There is a Facebook page with no results yet but photos – search Facebook for decatriathlon Monterrey Mexico and you’ ll find it.
      Hope that helps. Jane

  • Michelle says:

    Hey Dave,
    Guessing by now you are almost (or already) on your bike. Just keep pushing those pedals. Think…. at least its not the Rimutaka Hill you are having to go over.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Jane M says:

    Hi Guys
    Great start Dave, sounds like your plan is on track. I bet you are glad to be out of that pool by now and enjoying some cooler air on the bike. Have a great day

  • Peter Cusick says:

    Nice work Dave and no Jolly, Conraux etc! Its yours for the taking – just pace yourself! Great start.

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