Dave Clamp

Happy Birthday Mum!

November 23, 2010

I am sure everybody who has been following this site would like to join Dave in wishing his Mum a very Happy 80th Birthday today!

By the way Dave is going pretty well today.  He was out on the track and on the go at 05.00 hrs and apart from a couple of loo breaks, pit stops for food and a cat nap he has kept moving and has reached 182 laps out of 223.  It is fairly hot but not as bad as yesterday.

Antal Voneki is chasing in 3rd place and Sergio Cordeiro is fast catching him in fourth.  Dave is well-informed and experienced at this level and is ensuring he keeps trying to stay sufficiently ahead.  He is on his 9th Marathon and fighting the pain in his foot really well.

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  • Jane M says:

    Of course – Happy Birthday Mrs Clamp, hope you are having a great day :-)

  • Jane M says:

    80km to go Dave according to iive results – 2nd place will be a great birthday present for your mum won’t it?

  • Keep going Dave! Do it for your mum! Happy Birthday Mrs Clamp!
    Lynda x

  • Mike Searle says:

    Dave you ARE officially MR AWESOME! To attempt is impressive. To be in second place is fantastic. To be in second place given your injury is phenomenal. Keep going to the very end, we are in AWE.

  • Helen Nicklin says:

    What a birthday present you are giving her David – you have done so well today. COME ON LET’S GET IT DONE NOW. You are a legend!

  • DC says:

    Great day for a birthday my eldest daughters birthday today too ! Happy birthday Mrs C from Mrs C. Oh by the way keep going Dave soon be there.

  • Hazz & Sam says:

    BRILLIANT!!! 9th marathon wahooo!! the end is in sight!! fight with all you’ve got for 2nd place!! very proud indeedy. Keep up the good work you have done amazing so far!! lv hazz n sam

  • Tim & Nicola says:

    Happy Birthday Dave’s mum.
    Oh, you’re my mum, too!! Ha haa. happy birthday from here as well, Mere!
    Come on Davidoo’s – keep it together.

  • Nick C says:

    Keep it going now Dave! 2nd place is well within you.

  • Rebecca Clamp says:

    Happy Birthday Grandma! I love how we were told no one was to mention the number and Dave manages to drop it in in during his 9th marathon! Guess you are (in competition with dad) the furthest away hence the bravest to do it! :)

    Keep up the fantastic work Dave! keep pushing for 2nd! you are amazing!

    Everyone at school sends you lots of luck and good wishes, lots have been following!


  • James Davidson says:

    Keep going Dave, you’re almost there.

  • Peter Cusick says:

    only 1 more to go!!!

  • Charlotte says:


    Keep going Dave! Your on the last leg now!!!! Keep your chin up and FIGHT for that second place!!!!!!!

  • Gareth Boyd says:

    Dave – you are the Man!!!!

  • Jim Eckersley says:

    HI dave. The finish line is now in sight. FANTASTIC EFFORT
    Its always great to see you doing so well. I know you will
    be pushing as hard as can to the finish

    Good Luck Jim.

  • Susan & Lawrence Jones says:

    Keep going Dave your doing amazing especially with that sore foot. Really rooting for you! Just keep going!!

  • Mary & Allen Clamp says:

    davids mum here just to say thankyou to everybody for all the good birthday wishes i did not know i was so famous happy birthday to d.c.s daughter hope she has had a good day many thanks david for a truly unique present.its great to see you nearly there take peter cusicks advice love mere

  • Lynne ~ John's sister! says:

    Keep going Dave!! Not far to go now :D

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