Dave Clamp

Late Evening Report Day 6

November 20, 2010

Dave has now returned to the circuit after a few hours sleep, a shower and some food. He is on lap 97 behind Christian Mauduit who has been running non-stop since we left and reached lap 27. Dave will do his best to reduce the deficit as and when he can; this is not exactly something you rush!

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  • Dave – don’tpanic. Just keep focussed and stay positive. Remember your race in 2008 and what can happen.
    Tick the laps off and don’t worry about things that you can’t change.
    Still 48+ hours of racing – anything can happen
    Thinking of you.

  • Allen Clamp says:

    you will soon be halfway and can start counting down love m. and.d

  • Jane M says:

    Come on Dave, Keep at it. We’re out racing today and will be thinking of you and checking up on you on Nick’ s blackberry.
    Best wishes to you John.
    Nick and Jane

  • Trevor says:

    Dave you are a legend and its only lunchtime – thought a Trevor one liner wud help u along, the Frenchman can not run forever, and when he takes his pitstop…….

  • See – now the laps are coming off and soon you’ll be on Christian’s shoulder and then……

    Keep moving at your pace – your race, and it will all come good. :)

  • dave madders ( client / trainee dave clamp! ) says:

    conwy half marathon for me today, i’ll be running up the orme thinking if Dave can run 262 miles i can manage a paltry 13!! keep going Dave you are a legend!

  • Mike Searle says:

    Mr Awesome, just keep going. It’s a question of grinding out the laps now and keeping on. Every lap counts, willing you on from Cheshire.

  • Rebecca Clamp says:

    Keep up the fantastic work Dave! we are all cheering you on from across the pond! Keep up the outstanding work, you’ll soon catch Christian, he has to sleep sometime!

    Keep resting well and eating and drinking well! You are doing amazingly! x

  • John, Alan and Paul says:

    Go on Dave! Run your own race and I’m sure you’ll start to reel him in!

  • Mary & Allen Clamp says:

    Davids mum here just to say thanks for all the good wishes Happy birthday to dcs daughter I hope shes had a cood day Thanks David for a truly unique presentJust take Peter Cusicks advice for these last two marathons love Mere

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