Dave Clamp

Late night snack!

November 15, 2010

Dave has just had a stop for a plate of hot food and another cup of tea – in case you are wondering why his last lap time was rather slow! Next stop should be at 06.00 hrs local time for breakfast.
The tent is pitched and the air bed is inflated ready for use. Thanks for your messages everyone, Dave enjoyed reading them during his latest pitstop.

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  • Sam says:

    Excellent work, I think my prediction was 15 hours for the swim! Its so much more comfortable watching this from England, weather is shit though. Off to by some Ski Boots today, what are you upto? Little bikeride might be nice. x

  • Brian says:

    Keep it up Dave – excellent so far and sitting nicely there.
    DON’T make the mistake of pushing, pushing, pushing.
    Nice and steady and easy does it.
    Willing you on mate.

    Brian N (EnduranceUK.com)

  • jules taylor says:

    Dave….got to push on with the bike, no slacking, focus all the way.
    Anytime u feel like easing up….remember its a race! This is your chance to be world champion! Yeah, you!!!
    Push on….the run can take care of itself. Use your gears, relax, get comfy, and pedal like f~~~!!!

  • Victoria (neice) says:

    Fantastic news David!! Keep going you can do it! We all have faith in you! Really exciting with the regular updates! Feel like we are there with you so just imagine everyone there cheering you on! People at work are now following you too so your support is growing x

  • Mudman says:

    Top work Dave, Keep at it, slowly , slowly catchy monkey :)

  • Allen Clamp says:

    Have a nice meal- Wot you giving him John. I’m ready for bed.Back on ‘puter during night bye M&A

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