Dave Clamp

Lunchtime Report Day 8

November 22, 2010

Dave has been working as hard as he can to get through the miles but it seems to be very hot out there, possibly the hottest day so far.  As at 12.00 he is still in 2nd place having completed 143 laps but is suffering badly with his right ankle; he is working on a run 1 – walk 1 minute strategy which is not ideal but keeps him moving.  Christian Mauduit is well in the lead with 209 laps completed and he is not taking a rest for lunch – only 13 more laps and he can rest as long as he wants.

Antal Voneki is in 3rd place with 110 laps completed and Roger Lehman and Sergio Cordeiro have done just over 106 and 105 laps respectively.

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