Dave Clamp

Marathon No 1 …..DONE!

November 19, 2010

Good Day All!  The first marathon was completed by Dave at 08.10 this morning.  Very reserved pace which is what we want and the sun is slowly rising in the sky.  Air temperature is 7 degrees and there is a slight breeze.  Second placed competitor, Christian Maduit, started the marathon section at about 07.00 hrs and has covered 21 kilometres to Dave’s 48 kilometres.  He is running at a much faster, but inconsistent pace than Dave.  He has had the benefit of a few hours sleep during the night though.

Dave is very happy with the regular pace that he is doing as he is on track to complete the ten marathons in a good time whilst expending as little energy as required.

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  • Gordon Johnston says:

    Dave, fantastic progress. Sounds like your head is still in the right place so it’s great that you can carry on running your own race.

  • Trevor says:

    Sorry lost the web site for a few days getting redirected to someone asking if I wanted to buy the domain !!! Way to go Dave sounds like you were diddled out of a few laps but will make finishing all the more sweet – keep it up wot a fantastic effort

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