Dave Clamp

Martin Yelling and Tom William’s hugely popular podcast ‘Marathon Talk‘ features coverage of Dave’s phenomenal progress in the Deca.  Not suprisingly, both Martin and Tom are in awe of such incredible sporting stamina.  They are looking forward to providing their huge fanbase of listeners with an update of Dave’s progress in next week’s edition too.

You can download ‘Marathon Talk‘ from iTunes or listen to an audio link by clicking here

“Good Luck Dave” from Martin Yelling & Tom Williams

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  • Nick C says:

    Well done Dave, keep up the good work. Soon the “easy” bit, the last 420 kms. You will have worn a groove in the track by the time that you finish!! How many times would this be around Frodsham Hill? But no mud on the shoes. Greetings from a wet Paris. Nick

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