Dave Clamp

Midday report Day 7

November 21, 2010

Dave has now completed 117 out of 222 laps (as at 11.10 local time).  Ibuprofen and compression socks seem to work best on reducing his painful right foot and that is promising.  It is coming up to the hottest part of the day and so he is taking a break in the shade rather than risk fainting from heat exhaustion.

Christian Mauduit has established a commanding lead and has reached 150 km.  He has slowed quite a bit but is still moving forward at a steady rate.

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  • Jane Andrewsand Steve Sutton says:

    Youre more than awesome Dave. Just take in a few riffs of Junior Walker and All Stars “Im A Roadrunner Baby” while you have a break.
    Steve and Jane.xx

  • Hazz & Sam says:


  • Big Ted says:

    Hang in there Dave. I am one of the many people watching your progress who you won’t know personally. One of the many people you continue to inpsire.

    The impact you have had on myself and others is huge, whether you win or not.

    Truly incredible performance…

  • Tim & Nicola says:

    Finishing intact is what we want to see! Monumental what you have achieved thus far. Big up David!!

  • Tim & Nicola says:

    Bolton update:

    We were in Manchester today and say a car with the Reg
    R E E 13 O K – and thought that should belong to someone at Bolton WFC.

    It did “sort of” – it was Big Sam at the wheel!!

  • Peter Cusick says:

    just keep it going mate – do your best – its all we can ask for! Peter

  • susan jones says:

    Keep going Dave – it’s not over till you cross that line and it’s so close. Really rooting for you here, just stick to your plan and keep putting 1 foot infront of the other. Doing great!

  • chris gambs says:

    amazing performance Dave….hope the final kms go well. Chris

  • Charlotte says:

    Keep going Dave dont push yourself too hard!!!! Keep your pace and Keep your chin up!! You can do it!!!! xx

  • Gordon Johnston says:

    You knew the pain had to come – nobody is better than you at dealing with it and coming out the other side.

  • Helen Nicklin says:

    We are ALL behind you willing you on EVERY step of the way. Take care – one step at a time x

  • Jim Eckersley says:

    Fantastic perfomance dave you are on the pathway to
    success I know you will succeed

    GOOD LUCK jim

  • Victoria says:

    Keep at it Dave! You are doing an amazing job! Maintain that steady pace and you will do it x

  • ian bury says:

    Keep on running Dave, thinking about you and your efforts ian at Bolton Tri

  • Mike Searle says:

    Right Mr Awesome, you’re still there, you’re still going & you’re still doing great so keep on with what you do best – keeping on.

    I’m rooting for you – I know your mental strength and that ‘never say die’ determination. Go, go, go!

  • Helen McGuire says:

    Keep up the good work, I know its hurting but I know you are strong and I know you can do this! Stay positive for the journey ahead. Keep going!!x

  • Jane M says:

    Official standings site is frozen again (almost 6pm your time) so not sure where things are up to at the moment but hope your foot is ok. You’re getting to the last half now Dave so just keep forging onwards towards that finish line.
    Nick and Jane

  • John Heaney says:

    Yo Team Clamp,

    you are ruining my life. It’s 2.30 am (yes am) and I am checking out some lunacy on the other side of the world. Get it finished so I can return to normality.

    Anyway Dave you are doing great. Holiding it together nicely it seems in spite of the obvious problems you knew you would face.

    The end is getting closer all the time and you are on for a good un. Visualise it.

    Now then, how about this: Bolton W. 5 Newcastle U. 1. That should put a spring in your step.

    Keep it going Dave and well done to all the Team.

    John Heaney.

  • la marquise says:

    Hey Dave
    You are truly inspiring. Keep running your race and you’ll come through shining.
    I’m shaking virtual maraccas for you.


  • Iris says:

    Keep it up Dave, I know you can do it. You came so far, just a tiny little way to go :-) . Iris x

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