Dave Clamp

Morning Report Day 8

November 22, 2010

Dave had a good sleep last night and got up at 04.45 to continue the run.  He went to the medic again (this one speaks good English) and she thought that he has a Potassium deficiency and needs to eat bananas and tomatoes to remedy this.  She also recommended drinking more electrolytes too.  His right foot is still painful and making running very difficult so he has been limited to walking each lap.

At the moment he is on lap 138, whilst the leader Christian Mauduit is on lap 202.  In third place at the moment is Antal Voneki who has kept a very steady pace throughout the past two days.  Dave needs to keep going at the same pace as him for the same number of hours during the day to avoid being caught by him.  Sergio Cordeiro is also rising through the ranks very quickly and is a big threat too.

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