Dave Clamp

Night report Day 5

November 19, 2010

Dave had a good two hour sleep, a hamburger or two and gone for a lap walking to get back into the swing of things. Two and a half marathons (105.5 km) by 19.30 hrs is certainly a taxing feat!
Dave then tended to possible blisters, massaged his aching legs with Baby oil, ate some pizza and took a sachet of Dioralyte before heading back out on to the circuit at about 22.25 hrs. He has now completed 116.583 km (61 laps) and is now 5 laps behind Christian Mauduit who has completed 66 laps.
He is looking somewhat recovered and putting in good circuit times again.

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  • Nicki Lygo says:

    Dave, you are an absolute legend. I can’t properly comprehend how the human body can possibly do what you are achieving. You are amazing! Keep it up. We are all following your progress on Alex Flynn’s 10million metres facebook page.
    Rooting for you!!

  • Dave – stick to your plan and stay relaxed and it will all come together. Progress is great and you’ve had some rest so stick to what is in your head.
    Inspirational as always.
    Go DAVE!!!!

  • Charlotte says:

    Keep going Dave!
    Keep your head up
    and Keep your steady pace!!
    We all know you can do it ^_^

  • Mick Barnes says:

    Keep it going Dave!!
    All the best mate

  • dave madders ( client / trainee dave clamp! ) says:

    ive shown the guys at work your website and they think you are inspirational. keep going mate you are so close now.

  • Pam & Kevin says:

    Morning David, not seen your site since yesterday so your progress seems even more amazing after a longer gap. We’re all there with you, ‘marching on together’ as Kevin would say. Sounds like you’re getting some brill advice from your professional friends. Bon effort, vas-y!!

  • James Davidson says:

    Hi Dave, I’ve been watching every twist and turn and can’t even begin to comprehend what you must be going through.
    Keep going and get that lead back. We are all routing for you at Totty.

  • Simon says:

    Reading with absolute admiration… Forest hills missing the banter…and my mere 3m jog is quiet …yo yo off you go!

  • ivan davies (client/training buddy) says:

    come on Dave. hang in there. looks like Christian is regretting going off on the run so fast. Pace yourself and stick to the plan. You WILL win this!!
    stay strong.

  • John Heaney says:

    Good morning Team Clamp,

    on the edge of our seats here in UK. Keep up the good work.

    Now Dave is when you come into your own. Everyone’s tired but they’re not all as tough mentally as you. Now is your time.

    Cheers Team,
    John Heaney.

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