Dave Clamp

Night Report Day 9

November 23, 2010

Morning everyone!  It’s 01.00 in the morning and we are into Day 9 (officially it will be at 09.00 really but you know what I mean).  Just after 16.00 hrs yesterday afternoon, Christian Mauduit crossed the Finish line to win the Deca Ironman World Challenge in a time of 199 hrs 9 mins and 29 sec.  He was accompanied on his last lap by the other competitors and welcomed across the line by all the other athletes and crews.  He was a deserved winner who showed determination and managed to master the difficult conditions admirably.

Dave is currently in 2nd place and has the opportunity to stay ahead of the remainder of the pack and become runner-up.

Dave went to bed at 21.00 hrs last night after a meal and a shower.  He got up an hour ago and got out onto the circuit at 0o.45 hrs.  Antal Voneki has been steadily progressing since last night and is now only 13 laps behind Dave.  Hopefully he will go for a longer rest break soon and give Dave a chance to broaden the gap again.  He hopes to match the lap times of his nearest rivals throughout the day and that will mean tracking them carefully.

Sergio is on lap 124 but is on a sleep break until 05.00 local time.  He looks like a major threat as he has a very quick pace and he doesn’t stop for ages; he just takes his drinks bottle and other nutrition and keeps going for hours!  Antal seems to be tracking him very well but is still getting caught.  Their battle for position is bringing them very close to Dave.

Dave’s hands were very swollen when he went to bed last night, and his right ankle is very painful and a serious hindrance to his running.  He is digging deep and trying to get round each circuit the best he can.  Keep sending the messages!

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  • Rebecca Clamp says:

    Keep up the amazing work Dave, your are doing a sterling job! everyone I know is following and wishing you well.

    Just the last push now! You can do it – you are amazing!


  • Bernard (Bolton Tri Club) says:

    Fantastic effort Dave… Dig deep & keep pushing!!!

  • John, Paul, Alan says:

    Keep it up, you’re doing amazingly! All the best for the last push! John, Paul, Alan

  • alison c says:

    Go on Dave – you CAN do it!!! Don’t let the B*****ds grind you down. Alison C

  • Come on Dave, you’re doing just great…………rubbish, not great, what am I saying….. it’s an incredible feat.
    Lynda x

  • Susan and Lawrence Jones says:

    Keep going Dave – Like Alison says you CAN do it! Just keep putting 1 foot infront of the other.. We’re all routing for you!

  • harriet says:

    2nd place is all to play for!! Keep pushing on like you never have before. This is where is really is going to count! Show them what ur made of. Abit of foot pain, shuddup! I think you’ve been through worse superdads! Get back out there n knock em dead. Saha are behind u ! X

  • One last big push Dave – you can do it.
    Fantastic effort – best wishes for a steady run in :)

  • Jane M says:

    Come on Dave, Make sure you keep that second place, YOU CAN DO IT!
    John – hope you are ok, doing a grand job.

  • Louise Neville says:

    Hi Dave! I am so proud of you! Just keep going as long as you can. Just think FINISH! I am still with friends convalescing, but have thought of you every day!
    Much love from your Southern Friend and Admirer!
    Louise x x x x

  • Edmunds family says:

    Great work Dave. Hang on to second place now after all that hard work.

  • John Heaney says:

    Come on Dave, finish the job. I’ve run out of superlatives. Very proud of you and I echo all the comments made by your followers.
    Bring it on home and then sink a few amber nectars.
    John Heaney.

  • nikki barwell says:

    Hi Dave,

    Thinking of you and your fantastic effort and amazing drive
    well done.Can someone please update the site or facebook to let us know the final hours please. Be proud Dave you are truly a great sportsman.


  • Trevor says:

    talk at bootcamp last nite was all about your aches and pains Dave, but Mike did use it as incentive to encourage us to run up that hill in the dark – home straight now matey – one final push and then beach for a week

  • Jane M says:

    Less than 100k now Dave. Still glued to the results and willing you on. Nick e mailing from mtgs in Brussels for updates and sending his best wishes.

  • Pam Clamp says:

    Just off to have lunch with Mere and Fred for Mere’s 80th. We will all raise a toast to you with pride. Keep on bro’.

  • Gordon Johnston says:

    Just listen to Harriet – she knows how to keep you going. All the positive vibes coming your way from your legion of supporters, will lighten your step as well.

  • Peter Cusick says:

    just putting one foot in front of the other! this time tomorrow it will be all over!

  • Tim & Nicola says:

    Yeah! Listen to Haz (just this once mind – don’t make a habit of it) :-)

  • balderstone says:

    all these folk are willing you on, as are we all, you have done incredibly well. Mary and Allen are out at lunch and thinking of you with every bite!! Keep up with the bananas! love from us all, baldies

  • Victoria says:

    Less than 50 laps to go now! And as so many people have said it..we know you CAN do it! We did have a toast for you today at lunch with pride :) x

  • Steve says:

    Almost there! Momentous achievement…

  • Helen McGuire says:

    Keep going Dave you are doing amazing ! keep looking on here for updates GO GO GO last push!x

  • Mary & Allen Clamp says:

    David you’re the greatest -don’t know how you do it.Keep jogging along buddy.Raised our glasses to you at lunch today. Wish we were there to rub your legs.You’ve already done yourself more than proud. John you’re pretty good too.Keep going fellers. Mum&Dad

  • balderstone says:

    last push david! Everyone is amazed at your endurance. we all send our love for the last few miles, Baldies

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