Dave Clamp

November 13th

November 13, 2010

Nearly time !!!! Good sleep last night –10 hours in bed– 5 pancakes, cereal and fruit for breakfast. It’s 10.47 am — at 12pm it’s time for drug testing and race briefing, which will no doubt warn us about about the giant ducks that roam the course (Beat Knechtle broke his shoulder after crashing into one last year). We’ll also be told “no nudity” or you will be disqualified!

We are now sharing our room with Sergio Cordeiro, a Brazilian and his support crew, Luis. ┬áSergio is quite a character… he often runs barefoot — I once saw him run 78 miles in the Germany Triple Ironman barefoot. Unfortunately for him, his bike is still in Rio. He is amazingly relaxed about it, considering it is only 22 hours to the race start.

Last night we walked down the crazy highway to buy vital supplies and to dine at the Stockade — a big sirloin steak being the order of the day. We are hoping to get a tent today so that I can sleep at the trackside instead of having to come up to our 3rd floor room, so tonight may be the last I see of my bed for a week or so.
I feel ready for the challenge and mentally in a good place — this is vital as so much of a race like this is played out in the head. So please keep the messages of support coming . John will be constantly reporting and updating the site with Joanna’s help. ┬áJohn will relay all the messages to me and they help enormously – I have to draw on every bit of help possible.
I think that’s it from me – I’ll be busy from now on and all reports will be from John. I received a good Churchill quote from my friend Mike Rudd today “You’ve got to keep buggering on” — I’ll do my best to keep buggering on !! Cheers Mike.
Bye for now

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  • Jane M says:

    Dave – when you start tomorrow I shall be out in a muddy Wyre forest so here is one final pre-race GOOD LUCK! I know you will succeed :-)

  • Brian New says:

    Dave – so by the sounds of it the next time you see your bed you’ll be the Decaman World Champion and Record Holder :) :)
    Will be thinking of you and the challenge – and sending positive thoughts and wishes.
    Remember when the going gets tough that we create our own luck, and You deserve the very best of luck.
    Go Do IT!

  • chuck cosman says:

    Best of luck Dave from everyone at Orca!!

  • Allen & Mary (mum & dad) says:

    Hello David, Glad u got there safely and slept well.As your sister says-we’ll be with you all of the best.Your ORCA looks good-hope it does its job well.Guess it’s mid afternoon now. Have a good rest Bye

  • Phil @ Alty says:

    Will be thinking of you when I’m in the gym in Altrincham on Monday night.

    John – don’t let Dave go off too fast on the run. Make sure he takes it easy for the first six marathons or so.

  • Rebecca Clamp says:

    GOOD LUCK DAVE!! we’ll be cheering you on all the way!

    A few classes at school were looking at your website last week!

    We are with you and supporting you all the way! Fingers cross for world champion clamp! :) xx

  • Michelle says:

    Hi Dave,
    You now have only 2 hours before you start, so all the best. I know you have it in you to do well this year – here is a little saying to keep you going and maybe bring back memories… Kia Kaha :)
    Will be keeping tabs on you all the way.

  • Andrew Crickmore says:

    Good luck from the Crickmores! Go out and win it!

  • dave says:

    from a wet and cold alty. good luck man. go man go from dave at t/fitness

  • Ivan davies says:

    Looks like you’re going well in the swim dave. we’re all cheering you on
    in frodsham, you’ve been an inspiration to me and have reinvigorated
    my own goals. To quote someone far more eloquent than I…

    “Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.”

    go for it…

    P.s. Great interview brian and awesome website joanna…

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