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Morning everyone. You have to see the video below for some great entertainment. It is a video of the double deca swimmers towards the end of their 48 miles when they could barely move their arms anymore.

This morning Vincenzo Catalano of Italy completed the Deca at 4am (accompanied by Sergio who did the last few laps with him) and we have just welcomed Dominique Douvier of France to the finish line. He beat the cutoff by one hour. In the DoubleDeca Ferenc and Uwe are in the lead on the same lap after 2 weeks of racing !!!

At noon today we have the presentation ceremony and buffet celebrations. So there will no doubt be further pictures later on for the site. We leave at 6 am tomorrow morning for the airport. The strangest thought I have at the moment  is that in my head it feels as though the bike ride of 1800km took place somewhere else. It is really weird. I read all the race reports yesterday and all your comments— Thank you so much for all the wonderful support and I hope to speak to many of you soon.

We have seen the pictures of the UK snow – it´s going to be a real shock to feel the icy blast. The Mexicans think  I´m mad wearing t-shirt and shorts here-they think it´s cold at the moment and are wrapped up in big coats — it´s about 70° !!!


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  • Jane M says:

    It will be a shock Dave. Minus 7C orienteering on Cannock Chase this morning. No wind, beautiful blue sky, light dusting of snow and 3 layers of thermals! It was great.
    Nick meanwhile somewhere on a beach in Mexico.
    Enjoy the prize giving and have a safe journey home.

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