Dave Clamp

Swim Report

November 14, 2010

Dave has now swum 10 km in 3 hr 7 mins. Currently feeling the heat and putting ice inside his swim cap to cool down! Gels and fluids being taken on board at steady rate – approx 500 mls of High Five 2 in 1 every 30 mins. He will start taking on board solid food at next stop – 12 k mark.

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  • Manu Corcoran says:

    Hey Dave – I am gonna share with the staff how you are going. Kia Kaha!! (stay strong)
    I am missing you kicking my ass in Scrabble too. :)

  • Clare oconnor says:

    Hi Dave . Keep going I’ll think about u while I’m up all night too at work . Off in 5 mins . Hope u can do your doggy paddle all night not doggy style. Haha. X

  • Ivan davies says:

    Keep that pace going mate. Still on for a swim time of sub 13 hours.
    No pain !!!!!!!!

  • Beverley Saunders says:

    Well done Dave. Looks like you are going strongly. Hope John is looking after you well!

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