Dave Clamp

Changed, fed, medically checked and set off on marathon No 1 at 02.20 hrs this morning.  It’s pretty chilly here, about 6 degrees, but ideal for running.  The forecast is for a maximum of 23 degrees today.

At 05.30 Dave has covered 23.63 km and is going at a steady, comfortable pace.  Marathon No 1 should be over by about 09.00 hrs which is a 6 hr marathon.

Dave says, “Hi Brian, am listening to Howard on the iPod right now. Thanks”

Feeling great although a wee bit tired!

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  • Jane M says:

    Thanks John, the on-line standings have only just unfrozen so we can now see the full picture again.

    Dave – I promised to remind you when you started running that at least you aren’t doing Frodsham Hill on every lap. If you were, the climb would equate to more than Mt Everest and Mt Cook combined!

    Take it steadily and look after those feet.

  • Tim & Nicola says:

    We just get tantalising glimpses of updates on the ‘multisport’ site – currently Dave 17 laps, Christian 3 but both have lapped faster than Roger on his lastest bike lap! Hero’s!!
    Do you think Dave’s carrying too much weight with that heavy iPod? :-) )

  • Mike Searle says:

    Dave, EVERYONE is talking about your amazing performance – truely inspirational!

    Keep it up Mr Awesome!

  • Peter Cusick says:

    looking good – sounds a nice day for a run!!

  • Thanks Dave – appreciate the thought!
    Give it all – keep it steady and remember you have experience on your side.

    H – running with Dave, he’d be honoured. :)

  • Clare oconnor says:

    Hi Dave u r ace . Well done keep it up . Don’t forget to stay focused and in the zone . C u soon fatty. X

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