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Up up and away

November 12, 2010

Dave Clamp and John Saunders are on their way .. and they’re doing it in style too!

The luxury of club class has proved to be a wonderful treat and huge thanks go to British Airways Pilot,  Ivan Davies, for sorting everything out for the lads.  Ivan is one of Dave’s Personal Training clients and is a great supporter.

Here’s a message from Dave as he boarded the flight

“Wow!  We’re in 1st class.  Got a bed on the plane.  There’s enough room to do training in here!  It’s empty up ‘ere int posh bit.  This is unbelievable luxury… right.. feet up,  top man Ivan… byee got to get some zzzzz”

A message from John Saunders this evening confirmed that Club Class had been virtually empty and the flight was good.  He went on to say:

“Houston transfer was a drag but we managed to get to the Olympic village 01.10hrs this morning, got some sleep, have had breakfast and are sorting things out gear wise.  Bike has been assembled and tested on circuit.  Got ‘Opening Ceremony’ to go to at 12 and then tomorrow to finalise preparations.  Dave is in good spirits!”

All your wonderful messages of support are being read by Dave and John and they’ll be replying as soon as they get a moment.

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  • Tim & Nicola says:

    I sent a note out at work to all my colleagues and the overiding feeling in the responses is just of awe at the challenges and monumental distances you are covering.
    To top it all, several people have gone off to Alex’s site to make donations – which is just brilliant. Hope that just helps with your motivation and the plans you have to support Alex – you are BOTH inspirational!

    David’s younger brother!!

  • Charlotte says:

    Good Luck Uncle David!!!!

    I’m sure you’ll be AWESOME!!!!!

    I shall be keeping my eye on here to see how AMAZINGLY well your going to be doing!!!!

    Loads Love
    Moo xxx

  • Alex says:

    Hi Dave,

    Glad that you and John got the Mexico ok and that you’re settling in. Huge thanks to your brother, Tim, and evryone who has donated to 10MillionMetres so far for Parkinson’s research. I really think that what you’re doing is awe inspiring and truly amazing. I often use the term “make change happen” and you certainly are! With John Saunders there, I think you’re in good hands too!! Thinking of you both and wishing I was with you in Mexico.


  • Victoria says:

    Just over 24 hours to go! Best of luck for the race Dave! sounds like you have a fantastic team behind you. Have been reading everything on the site! will be following all your updates on here and like everyone has said so far it really is awe inspiring. I’m off to the gym now!! ha ha. No seriously..best of luck and you can do it! xx

  • Pam and Kevin says:

    Hi there, glad you had a good journey in luxury. Good luck for tomorrow – will be glued to the computer. Pam and Kevin xx

  • Allen & Mary (mum & dad) says:

    Got some good preliminary pics. Now!! don’t try to win it in ist.couple of days.Make John pace you right through. Are you listening?? Plenty drinks (mother says) Good luck matey. Ma & Pa

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