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November 17, 2010

My sincere apologies to everyone who has been unable to access Dave’s site over the last couple of days. I have been battling the gremlins but am pleased to announce all ok and we’re back to normal now.

New Updates on Dave’s phenomenal progress will start appearing shortly.

Thank you so much for your patience. Keep those messages of support coming for DECA DAVE, they are keeping him in the lead!!


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  • Rebecca Clamp says:

    Yey!! great to have the site back online! We missed it at school today!

    Keep us the fantastic work Dave! it is sensational! you are an inspiration! xx

  • Rebecca Clamp says:

    oops! us should be up! :) (thought I should correct before Auntie Pam gets in there again! :) )

  • 1. Dave – inspirational and inspiring. Just keep it going mate, you are doing yourself proud.

    2. Joanna – well done on getting it all back up and working. Technology is no friend when it all goes wrong. Fantastic site – well done.

    3. John – Thnaks for the updates and keeping Dave going. 110% support.


  • Victoria says:

    Haha. I will try and write this message free of spelling mistakes so that mum doesn’t get a bee in her bonnet again! You are doing amazingly well! Carry on like this and by the time we get up in the morning you will be well on the way with your little jog.
    Someone said after looking at your site that even you cv makes us sound lazy. Truly inspirational!! x

  • Jane M says:

    Hooray – you’re back!

    Dave – got you a mention on Martin Yelling & Tom William’s Marathon Talk podcast this week. He gave out this site web address and is going to do an update next week.
    See http://www.marathon talk.com

    Meanwhile, keep up the fantastic effort.

  • Jane M says:

    The gremlins have got me now, that should be http://www.marathontalk.com

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