Dave Clamp

‘Aim for the stars’..’The sky’s the limit’..’Shoot for the moon’..even Buzz Lightyear said ‘To Infinity & Beyond’ – our language is peppered with encouraging phrases designed to make us try that little bit harder and achieve our full potential.

When you’re an endurance athlete like Dave Clamp, you know what you have to do to make it through to the finish line. But can that same gutsy determination be applied elsewhere? What does it mean to be inspired; to feel passionately enough about something that you’ll do whatever it takes to complete the task? ┬áCan we learn to push past the mental blocks that so often stop us from achieving our goals?

Dave is an accomplished athlete but also an entertaining and inspirational guest speaker at both corporate and club events. Here’s a brief look at a recent talk he gave in Manchester.

Dave presentation v2.0

You can contact Dave Clamp to book him for your event, seminar or training day.
(c) Artwork by kind permission of Philip Aitkens

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