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Hello everyone
Yes it’s really going to happen !!! On June 10th myself and Alex Flynn ( my great friend who has Parkinson’s disease ) will be setting off from Marble Arch in London to run to Rome. Our aim is to arrive in Rome on July 9th. The total distance is 1521 miles and we will be averaging 50 miles a day for 30 consecutive days.
Why are we doing this ??? SIMPLE – because we want Parkinson’s disease to become an illness that USED TO exist. By undertaking such an incredible challenge, we will raise awareness . Our target is to raise one million pounds for research into finding a cure and we will achieve this aim. The campaign is called Ten Million Metres and you can read about it on www.alexflynn.co,uk
Alex is running 10 million metres in competitive events . Already this year he has run the Dubai marathon , the Reading half marathon, the Thames Trot 50 miler ( which I ran with him) and today the Brighton marathon.
Our run to Rome is going to be the springboard which will launch the campaign to a new level. The publicity is going to be enormous . There have already been several tv interviews and magazine/newspaper articles and a Brazilian company wants to record a programme to go out to over a 100 million homes.
You can follow our progress on both our websites ( mine is www.daveclamp.com— watch the video that is currently on the home page and you will not fail to be moved).
We are both on twitter — look for me on www.twitter.com/decadave Please sign up to twitter– the more followers we get, the more likely that we can get more press coverage. We will be updating daily on our preparations and progress.
Our route will take us to Dover on the North Downs Way, ferry to Calais, up to Brussels, then we follow a trail to Paris, across to Strasbourg and down the Rhine to Basel and Zurich. We then cross the Alps Hannibal style over the ST Gotthard Pass and eventually drop down to Milan, on to Florence and then follow a Pilgrim’s trail to Rome. Sounds easy on paper , but it will be an incredible challenge —- and remember — Alex is doing this with Parkinson’s. Such an inspirational and determined character deserves all our support. Please copy this email and send to friends . The more that the word spreads, the greater the chance of making Parkinson’s a thing of the past. There is a Just GIving link on Alex’s website ( see above)
Starting on September 30th I will also be doing 10 Ironman races in 10 days in Sicily— the target will be to win the race and chase the world record — againa all as part of the 10 Million Metres campaign to raise awareness and generate funds.
please tell everyone about what we are doing . It’s going to be SOME journey !!
And to cap an exciting week, I’m moving home this week to start a new life in Chester- my 5th home in just over a year
Thanks for reading

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