Dave Clamp

Today is the start of a whole new adventure.  I’ve been moving to my new home in Chester over the last few days and spent my first night here last night.  It’s my 5th move in the last 15 months and is definitely the most positive one.  The only way to look is forwards — the past can’t be changed —  we can only change how we react to it.  I’ve surrounded myself with positive people and have cut the lingering ties to negative forces.

I’m looking forward to discovering the many excellent run routes in the Chester area and to helping my new housemate to achieve her dream of running a marathon.

It’s also only 8 weeks now until the London-Rome run with Alex.  Jane Mockford has done some wonderful research for us regarding the fine detail of the route.  The good news is that we have discovered some great trails and paths.  Jane discovered for example that there is a walking race that was established in 1926 that goes from Paris to Colmar.  We will be able to use 100 miles of this route.  The bad news is that the route is 1836 miles rather than the ‘as the crow flies’ original estimate of 1521 miles !!! A mere 12 extra marathons !  Our daily average will now be 60 miles rather than 50.  We will be covering 70 marathons in 30 days— remember that Alex will be completing this challenge 3 years into his fight with Parkinson’s.  We both feel that this London-Rome run will truly raise the profile of 10 Million Metres to a new level and will thereby bring our £1MILLION target much nearer.  The pulicity around the challenge will have the added benefit of raising awareness of our cause.

Please spread the word as widely as you can about what we are doing.  In this way, as Alex is always saying, we can make change happen.  We really can.

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