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Jane’s incredibly detailed route planning is nearing completion.  We will need a motorhome just to carry all the maps. Here is the plan :–

London – Dover  86 miles  10th June

Calais – Brussels 179 miles

Brussels -Paris  299 miles

Paris -Strasbourg 360 miles

Strasbourg-Basel 84 miles

Basel- Chiasso 203 miles

Chiasso- Milan 40 miles

Milan-Rome 537 miles 9th July

Phew !! It’s tiring just writing it. We will need to average 60 miles a day to complete the task in 30 days. I’ve run 68 miles in the last 4 days and that felt like a lot.  Cycling 60 miles a day would be quite challenging, so running that distance is going to a true test of physical and mental endurance.  I had a long chat with Alex today regarding equipment, food, logistics ——- it’s a massive task.

More stats — Alex reckons 12 hours at 5mph uses just over 8000 calories.  So we’ll be looking at over 240,000 used on the complete run.

More stats — Kate my housemate has lost 7 pounds so far — still not happy — oh dear 8.5 I’m now told

More stats— friends Ivan and Brian came over yesterday for a run and some beers.  At the end of the run we reached my drive and still had over a mile to go!!  How many people could say that?  I’m supporting Brian in the Grand Union Canal Run in 3 weeks, a 145 mile race along the canal from Birmingham to London.  I will be running with Brian from the 75 mile point.  He’s in great shape at the moment and has the potential for an excellent performance.

More stats— 120,000 people in the Uk with Parkinson’s Disease. The driving force and motive for the London-Rome run remains our mission to raise awareness, raise a million pounds and keep working towards that cure.  We hope  that our exploits will inspire and motivate people and thereby make change happen.

If we can run to Rome, anything is possible.

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