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Achieving the impossible and an experience that lets us feel the rapture of being alive

Only 6 days to go now until I set off with my friend Alex Flynn to run 1836 miles from Marble Arch, in London, to Rome!

What has possessed us, you may ask, to contemplate such an incredibly outrageous challenge?

Our target is to average 60 miles a day.  Such a daily distance would represent a formidable challenge to the planet’s most experienced, elite ultra distance runners.  I remind you that Alex is engaged in a daily battle with Parkinson’s disease.

My website designer and friend, Joanna Sayers, recently informed me of the exploits of Lewis Pugh.

Lewis is a renowned environmentalist who, in 2010, published a book entitled ‘Achieving the Impossible‘.  In order to achieve awareness and exposure for the global warming issue, Lewis knew that he would have to do something extraordinary.

He took a film crew with him to the North Pole and swam 1km in water temperatures measured at minus 1.7degrees!!  He was in the water for 18 minutes and it was 4 months before he regained all the feeling in his hands!  By undertaking such an unimaginable feat, Lewis achieved his goal — millions have viewed his film or read his book.

Joanna very kindly compares Lewis to Alex Flynn and Dave Clamp.  By completing the seemingly impossible task of running to Rome, we can raise awareness of the Parkinson’s condition and help raise funds to find a cure.


Publicity is increasing daily as our departure approaches. There have been numerous newspaper and magazine articles.  Tomorrow, Alex is being filmed by a Brazilian TV crew for a broadcast that will be available in 145 countries.  We are both doing radio interviews this week.

We share an unshakeable belief that we can get to Rome and are both experiencing a curious mixture of fear and excited anticipation as June 10th looms.  We are aware that the potential exposure for the Parkinson’s message is huge. Together with our support crew of John Saunders, Paul Grindrod and my son Sam Clamp, we know that we can achieve something very special.



If you are impressed with this website and would be interested in having a similar one for personal or business use, please do not hesitate to contact Joanna.  Her professionalism and skills are second to none.

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  • Jane M says:

    Dave – you and Alex are going to get to Rome so you are achieving the possible NOT the impossible!

    Calling all you DecaDave followers out there – are you ready to support our boy again?
    At least this time he is being sensible and running from somewhere to somewhere rather than endless up and downs in a pool followed by zillions of laps round and round and round.

    Somehow arriving in Bruges, Brussels, Paris, Strasbourg, Basle, crossing the St Gotthard Pass, Milan, Rome has more of a ring to it than lap 753 on the bike.
    To put it in context, the Deca is a total of 1406 miles (24mile swim, 1120miles bike, 262 miles run); this jaunt is 1730 miles.

    See you all on the site from Friday……..

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