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June 8, 2011

11.20 pm – We leave at 4am, so I should be in bed.

It’s been a hectic day.  I took the train to Manchester early this morning for a live link up with Alex in London on BBC Radio Manchester.  Alex taught me a thing or 2 today about how to use a short media opportunity for maximum effect.  He said everything he wanted to say, whereas I felt disappointed in myself for missing the opportunity.  I aim to do better tomorrow on the Ann Diamond show in Reading.

We had a special ‘send-off’ meal in an Italian restaurant in Chester last night.  Kate, my housemate, arranged it wonderfully for us all and on Friday morning the fun begins (By the way, I entered Kate last week for the Chester Marathon on October 9th.  It’s a lifetime ambition of her’s to run a marathon and I will update you with her progress. Her training schedule is attached to the fridge. Writing this on here will give her another motivation to stick at it! )

I am convinced that Alex and I can make it . The task is immense but we have committed ourselves to working as a united pair to support each other in every way we can.  Neither of us could do this alone but together we can succeed with the support of John, Paul and Sam.

I must thank my client Nigel yesterday for the champagne (which we intend to open upon arrival in Rome) and also Clare for her fantastic contribution to the Cure Parkinson’s campaign.

As well as all the planning for the London-Rome run, I have also had to make plans to increase my income streams.  I will be pushing ahead with Deca PT on my return! Hopefully other possibilities will arise on our return.  To borrow a phrase from a book, that I’m reading at the moment, by Geoff Thompson

“If we want to ‘rise above’ and live extraordinary lives, then we must commit ourselves to a life replete with extraordinary acts.”

Whenever we have the opportunity to ‘walk a while’ with outstanding achievers, we should seize it firmly and hold onto it as long as we can.  Spending time in the company of the truly extraordinary is the first step in creating an extraordinary life for ourselves.  Alex Flynn is an extraordinary man!!  We will get to Rome, raise awareness and make change happen.

Please support us.


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  • Sandra Gavin says:

    Go for it Dave will follow you all the way from the comfort of my armchair Sandra

  • Gareth Boyd says:

    Amazing, Amazing, Amazing stuff Alex and Dave! Not alot more can be said – hope things keep going to plan. Gareth. P.S – looking forward to hearing Alex on MarathonTalk podcast later

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