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Hi Everyone!
Not easy to find somewhere with free wifi along the route as we keep moving along!
Alex and Dave left London at 05.00 hours on Friday 10th June 2011 and ran into Dover just after midday on Saturday, completing Ferry crossing to Calais at 14.20 hours and then the ran a little more
to add on some more mileage. Day 1 mileage was 65, Day 2 mileage was 43.
Day 3, Sunday 12th June and they ran through Dunkerque and on to Stalhille in Belgium – another 48 miles!
Day 4, Monday 13th June – through Brugge and down to Bavegem – another 51.17 miles!
Day 5, Tuesday 14th June – through Aalst, Brussels and headed south to Virginal-Samme and Seneffe – 52 miles covered!
Day 6, Wednesday 15th June – ran 42.3 miles (rest day!) and ready to cross into France!
Day 7, Thursday 16th June – crossed into France and now on the way to Rumigny!

Current total mileage is ……..just over 324 miles! Staggering….. marvellous! Lend your support, make a donation, send an email, message, tell your friends and acquaintances!

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  • graham downing says:

    following your progress – amazing stuff! keep going.

  • Mike Cooper says:

    Well done with your efforts so far, you two are amazing!! Keep up the great effort lads, i will be watching :-)

  • Helen Nicklin says:

    Keep going you two! You’re doing amazingly well and we’re following you every step! Take care of one another – hope you’re missing the unbelievable rain that we are having!
    Much love from the Baldies x

  • Clare oconnor says:

    hi . Well done. you really are doing well . Hope you enjoying yourselves . It’s fab n amazing that you can both do this . Keep it up and keep going . Love clare x

  • Trevor Stanton says:

    Guess you are in a WiFi free zone at the moment as no updates for some days – keep it going only…..well loads to go

  • rhona and brian says:

    Well done1 Welldone!! You have done amazingly. Macte virtute!!

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