Dave Clamp

Day 28.

Today the boys have hit the century, covering a marvelous 100km. Following on from the veritably vital PR trip to Florence, taking in the sights and sampling the cuisine. Dave set off at 2 am, into the night, with Alex following at a more sociable 6 am. Battling with temperatures close to 35 degrees, over hill and dale, through Chianti and into Tuscany. The crew have busied themselves as always, irritating the local drivers, drinking the tea and posing for photographs with sunflowers. The distance remaining to Rome now stands at 175 km, which, in the minds of those who have covered over 1900 kilometers, seems trifling. However, it is still a monumental proposal for mere mortals to cover in little over two days. The final approach into Rome is scheduled for Sunday, early afternoon. Dave plans to rise once again at 2 am tomorrow, in order to get ahead of target to make the final approach all the more enjoyable. We have found yet another delightful car park, in which to spend the evening. The lowly support crew have set about making the necessary arrangements, cooking the pasta, drinking the beer and killing the flies. Good night all, enjoy your running water, televisions and spacious beds. Spare a thought for the those of us fighting the good fight on the B roads, fields and in the car parks of Italy.

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  • Mary & Allen Clamp says:

    great progress picture and comments have a good evening in the car park agood sleep and a good day tomorrow We have had a great time following your journey and hope the fund raising has done well Best wishes to David Alex and the team from Mere and Allen Sams Grandma andGrandad

  • Jed says:

    Thanks Sam great update. Only “two marathons to go” I cannot believe that statement let alone what you have all acheived. Keep up the fight! Well done!

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