Dave Clamp
It was quite an anxious start to the day . I have caught a bit of a cold and experienced quite a bit of discomfort breathing during the day.  I’m in the 2nd wave and we set of at 9.08. I’m in a lane with Austrian Harald Oswald for the 10 days and he is an excellent swimmer. I went through half way in just under 30 minutes an finished in 61.08 , intermittent cramp causing the slow down. Harald did 57 mins and Sam says the only reason that he is faster is due to his tumble turns. It was then out on to the bike as temperatures gradually climbed to 28 degrees. I felt very comfortable for the first half but gradually developed breathing difficulties. It also became evident that the course measurement was anything but accurate. Estimates from peoples’ speedo’s put it at anything up to 20km overdistance. I slipped back towards the end of the bike and lost about 20 mins to the competitors who I had been close to for much of the day. Anyway, I felt very heavy at the start of the run but after about 10 minutes, I settled into a comfortable rhythm, only slowing down in the last 6 miles. By the end of he day i had gained a token 5 minute lead over Arnold Wiegand, the German is 2nd place , with Kim Greisen and Harald Oswald also in close attendance. Positions are largely irrelevant at the moment. I am quite sore in the legs and a bit chesty. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will do the trick . Sam has done a fabulous job today as my support man, despite really suffering with a cold himself. He’s just happy that it’s not the deca as we would still be in the pool if it were.  I’ll see if John can insert a picture from the day’s action. 9.30pm in the UK — night night !

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