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Unexpected Trip to Malta !!

September 29, 2011

We were coming in to land at Catania Airport in Sicily when Mount Etna started to erupt quite spectacularly . The airfield was closed immediately and we were diverted to Malta. After much hanging around at Valetta we eventually had a 1 hour coach ride to a seafront hotel and got to bed at 2am – not exactly the ideal preparation for a 10x Ironman race. We are now back at Valetta awaiting a flight to Catania. We will arrive at 2.40pm. No doubt I will have missed the race briefing and instructions. It will be a bit of a rush to rebuild my bike and get everything ready for the race start tomorrow morning.

Sam and I are looking forward to meeting up with John Saunders and many other old rivals and friends from the ultra triathlon world. Race tacticts are not to go toooooooooooo fast in the first few days . This race will only begin on day 6 or 7. We hope to keep you regularly updated on this site. Many thanks for all the meassages of support.


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  • Jane M says:

    I am sure, with your ace support team, you will get everything prepared in time Dave. If you took the photo that goes with this post, it was indeed spectacular.
    As the saying goes, keep calm and carry on.

  • Gordon Johnston says:

    I told you it would be hot in Sicily!! I didn’t mean a fiery inferno.
    Remember – pace yourself tomorrow. Good luck

  • Sandra says:

    Good omen , spectacular start to the event .Now we see spectacular Dave Clamp . Enjoy the event and Good Luck

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