Dave Clamp

Day 10 Report

October 9, 2011

It’s over !! We’ve done it . 12.01 today . Hung on to 3rd place by 4 minutes . What a tough day . Swim 63.47 . On the bike it was very cold — 7 degrees plus windchill. With 5 laps to go for me ( the first wave faster men were already running) the heavens opened . By the end of the bike I couldn’t feel my hands or feet and had to be helped by 3 people to get out of sodden bike kit and into 3 layers of running gear . I then sat in a car for 5 minutes with the heat on full blast . Bike took 6.23 today . We knew it was going to take a very determined run by this time to hold onto 3rd place. Hermann Steinacher was producing scarcely believable run times for each lap . The organisers rely on competitor honesty to run all the way to the turn round cones on each lap.  Sam updated me on the task in front of me. I was going to have to produce my fastest run on the last day and for the first hour I still had no feeling in my feet. I managed a steady pace and went through halfway in about 2.07 . I was going to have to speed up. Hermann finished soon after . For the last 3 laps I had to 1.38 to be 3rd. the heavens then opened again . It was already dark and bitterly cold in a fierce wind . The track was flooded . I could feel myself getting seriously cold , but had to push on even harder . For lap 6 Sam told me I’d done 31 minutes . So 2 laps to go and 67 minutes to do it . I felt sick and simply wanted to stop . Sam was so encouraging as I crossed the pits at each half lap . 1.5 laps to go and I had 51 minutes to do it . I pushed on again through the freezing wind and rain. 1 lap to go and Sam said I had 36 minutes !! At this stage I felt that I was barely moving and had no feeling in hands or feet , but kept pushing the pace. 0.5 of a lap to go . 19 minutes to do it according to Sam . I ran straight through without the usual drink or food . Even at this stage I wasn’t sure if I could keep going . If my shoelace had come undone , I wouldn’t have been able to tie it up . It was too dark to see my watch and despite my effort it felt as though I was wading through mud . As I  came into the finishing straight , Sam was all smiles . We’d done it with 4 minutes to spare !! The run had taken 4 hrs 6 mins and was the hardest thing I’ve ever done . Sam and I crossed the line together . It has been a true team effort by the two of us . Photographers huddled round , my state of discomfort being a good opportunity to capture distress on film . We were driven staright to the hotel where I spent 30 minutes thawing in the shower before enjoying a celebratory beer and pizza with Sam. A few minutes after me , Kim Greisen crossed the finish line for a fantastically deserved victory . Kim is a celebrity in Denmark getting uo to 200,000 hits a day on his website !! I’ve been pleased with 100 !!! it just shows the sporting priorities in the UK , where footballers behaving like 3 year olds are the ones getting 200,000 hits . After his last race in Mexico , Kim had 3 tv channels waiting to interview him as he arrived back home at the airport . I’d better make sure we are prepared for the media frenzy when we arrive in Manchester on Wednesday morning  ! Hopefully John will help with some more photos of the presentations tomorrow . It’s been a quite amazing 10 days .

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  • Mary & Allen Clamp says:

    Well done David and SamHave a great day today and a good trip homeCongratulations on the big tenth day battle jove m and d

  • Gordon Johnston says:

    Fantastic finish!! What fortitude in such appalling conditions. Teamwork with Sam won the day.
    Enjoy the rest of your time in Sicily – before reality strikes again!! See you Thursday

  • ivan says:

    i wish a i was more articulate so i could put into words just what i think of that last days achievement. Quite simply stunning and shows just how mentally strong you are mate. Most “normal people” would have just quit after the bike, but to get out of that warm car and out onto the run is quite some feat; and to then go and do a 4.06 marathon is superhuman. looking forward to buying you a beer when you get back.

  • Anthony Gerundini (Toyota_Crown) says:

    “The run had taken 4 hrs 6 mins and was the hardest thing I’ve ever done ”

    Wow, reading that, what a truly epic finish and performance. You can be so proud for the rest of your life. LEGEND!

    And no blisters!

  • Dave Miles (Deca wannabe) says:

    Hi Dave, been following your efforts via twitter and on here.
    Absolutely awesome result. I had you down for a nailed on 3rd place at the end of the either day, but to have to push yourself to do a 4:06 final day marathon for a podium finish is just jaw dropping.

    Have a safe trip back. I hope the Manchester Evening News are at the airport ;)

    Sod that – Sky Sports and BBC :)

  • rachel swallow says:

    Very well done, and well deserved! Amazing! Enjoy your couple of days in Sicily, both of you, and take it easy coming back.

  • Sandra says:

    Well done Dave safe journey home

  • Jim Eckersley says:

    Hi Dave another great result. You are without doubt a world
    class athlete. Its always great to see you do so well.
    It must be really special to have sam with you what a great team effort. Best Wishes Jim.

  • Guy Willard says:

    Great stuff Dave and great reports too, well done!

  • Andrew Williams says:

    Dave it has been an eduction reading about you daily efforts. Good onya. Very inspiring.
    How will you top this? Just the thought makes me tired!

    • Dave Clamp says:

      thanks Andrew . How will I top this ? Good question , but I know I coud have been much faster but for the illness ………… so it’s unfinished business , but I had the perfect support crew in Sam so we’ll see what the future holds !

  • Nick Rose says:

    Awesome determination to grit that last day out, well done Dave, loved reading the days and seeing the progression from ‘wheeze – Day 1 to breeze – Day 7′, final 3 days, truely inspiring.

    Rosey – Chester Tri.

    • Dave Clamp says:

      Thanks very much Nick. I keep meaning to come down to Chester Tri . Just setting up my own PT business so I’m sure there must be a few people down there who I might be able to talk to about it …………. so hopefully meet you soon

  • Bravo Dave!

    Tu fais maintenant parti d’ une poignée d’ humain qui on terminé les 2 formats du Décatriathlon!

    Et quelle belle performance!!!

    On se revoit en 2013 pour le 30 mon ami!!! ;)

    • Dave Clamp says:

      Merci Yves– tu es vraiment gentil. tu te souviens de Mexique avec Manu ? ” Qu’est-ce que tu fais aujoud’hui ???? balade a velo ???? Ouiiiiiiiiiiiii !! Et ce soir ??? balade a velo ??/ Ouiiiiiiii !!
      Et cette nuit ??? Balade a velo ??? Ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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