Dave Clamp

Day 4

October 3, 2011

Very tired and need to get to sleep. Today we had thunder , lightening , floods and massive hailstones . The swim was a struggle today in 67 mins ( felt very sick) . We had the strategy to stop at 70 miles on the bike to eat a proper meal in order to avoid yesterday’s problem . As luck would have it the storm hit with 3 laps to go on the bike . Without the meal stop I would have made it to the end of the bike just in time.  I got really cold and lost a lot of time but then ran quite well . We will stick to the same strategy tomorrow as were just a little unlucky today . Sam was brilliant yet again today — available after every single lap with offerings of food/drink and always the right word . A true team effort if we make it to the end. Will try to finish earlier tomorrow and write a more informative report . Bonne Nuit .

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