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Tucked up in bed early tonight after going faster in all 3 disciplines. The race continues to take it’s toll . Arnold Wiegand retired after day 5 with a sore knee and shin splints. Leslie Holton became sick during the run and was unable to finish  — today she ran the missing laps fom yesterday and will recommence tomorrow — she now hopes to complete 9x Ironman in the 10 days . In total 6 competitors have abandoned , a sure indication of the severity of the challenge. Vincenzo Catalano finished in the early hours today and went straight to the pool where he had 30 minutes sleep before starting Day 6.

For me the day went well. At the usual morning ‘weigh-in’ I was measured at 62.7kg ( less than you again Gordon !!) , which isn’t too bad as I started at 65kg.  Today’s nutrition was nigh on perfect — Sam once again handed me an assortment of food and drink as I cycled or ran by after each lap. He really has got it down to a fine art .   I don’t even ask for anything , but just take whatever he hands me . It is working perfectly . I now have a swim lane to myself and completed the 2.4 miles in 62 mins 34 secs , 16 seconds faster than yesterday . The bike took  6hr 16 min including a 10 minute food stop and I set off on the run 17 minutes ahead of yesterday . The run was also faster ( approx 4 .40) through yet another thunderstorm for a total time of 12 hr 10 mins , 2nd fastest today . We think it has moved me up to 5th place . See www.decaironman.com for full results .

Lights out time !  4 days to go.

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  • Tim C says:

    How do you feel about this format compared with doing it a la Mexico??
    Hope you’re feeling better and using the force, Luke!!
    Well done Sam, too!!

  • Jane M says:

    Good one Dave and Sam! It was great to see your bike time and added bonus to find this post tonight. Onwards and upwards tomorrow.

  • Gordon Johnston says:

    What fantastic powers of recovery and steely determination, Dave. Also shows the power of great teamwork between you and Sam. Jenny and I are cheering you on from the sidelines.
    Don’t think I’ll use your method of losing weight!!

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