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A good English day today. Overcast , rain threatening and coolish.  At the pre-race weigh in , I had gained 0.7kg from yesterday !! Explain that ! A couple of people have asked if this format of 10 x Ironman is easier than a traditional Deca where we swim 24 miles , cycle 1120 and run 262 miles . I think the answer depends on how fast you are . I’m sure Vincenzo finds this harder as he gets little sleep — the cut off for a Deca is 14 days . Those of us who are lucky enough to go faster have the advantage of a full night’s sleep . When I did the Deca , I slept for only 2 or 3 hours a day , so sleep deprivation was a critical factor . Also in this format , the running muscles get chance to recover each day , a luxury not afforded in the Deca. having said that , it is psychologically quite difficult to get in the pool each day. I’m also still recovering from having been so unwell for the first 4 days — I’m still coughing through the night but seem okay during the day .

Today saw me go faster in all 3 disciplines than yesterday.  Swim 61 mins 56 secs , bike 6 hrs 2 mins , run 4 hr 15 mins . total 11 hours 34 mins . I caught Dane Kim Greisen with 1 mile to go and we ran to the finish together . The time of 11.34 was the fastest by anyone in the race so far . For me it was the 4th improvement since day 4 — see full results on www.decaironman.com . It will still leave me in 5th place with 3 days to go . Once again Sam was crucial to the day’s success.

Tomorrow sees a Double Ironman event on the same course . They start swimming at 11 am.

Paul Taylor’s funeral takes place tomorrow October 7th . Paul expressed the wish for Bolton Tri Club members to escort the funeral procession from the church to the crematorium on their bikes . He wanted no black clothes and everyone to be in their cycling gear . I will race Day 8 in Bolton Tri Club kit in memory of Paul and in support of everyone at the club. Paul will be missed very much by everyone at the club as well as his friends at Rochdale Tri club ( both of which I have been a member of). Our thoughts are with Paul’s family tomorrow .

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  • Jane M says:

    Great race today Dave. Keep it going tomorrow.
    Best wishes
    Nick and Jane

  • Mary & Allen Clamp says:

    Well done David and Sam We hope you can do the same from now to the end Our sympathies are with Pauls family and friends today He would surely have been pieasedfor you to remember him in the Bolton tri-shirt The extra weight must be muscle Keep working on it love M andF

  • Pam Clamp says:

    Nice to see you 7 days into a deca with a smile on your face instead of grimaces. Impressed with Sam’s culinary skills. Keep going. Hope the knees are ok. Pam x

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