Dave Clamp

Day 8 report

October 7, 2011

A very windy day made cycling a much harder prospect . Swim in the now fairly customary time of 62 mins 30 secs. Kari Martens , my Swedish friend , is the latest to withdraw . Kari had a serious bike accident last year and is still recovering . He was struggling by his own high standards and had nothing to prove by completing the event — he came 2nd in the Mexico Deca in 2008 — you may recall those appalling pictures of his blistered feet .

I  completed the bike section in 6.05 , only 3 minutes slower than yesterday , but it used up a lot more energy . The run took 4.25 and I had to fight all the way . Total time 11.45 ( only 10 mins slower thn yesterday ) and up to 3rd place . Hermann Steinacher produced an outstanding time from nowhere today . If he repeats that over the next 2 days , there will be little I can do to stop him taking 3rd place . I definitely could not have gone any faster today .

I can hear thunder outside now , so I’m glad I’m not one of the competitors still out there . Usual exemplary crewing from Sam yet again . Time for an early night

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