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In 12 days time I leave for Paris with Nigel Woodger to take part in the Paris Marathon . We went public on the above charity link 10 days ago and to date have raised over £900. Please visit the page and leave a donation, no matter how small. This is Nigel’s first marathon and I will be running with him every step of the way. Discomfort will be a given but there is little doubt that we will reach the finish line together.

I’ve had plenty of cause for reflection recently. A completely unexpected setback came along and there are always 2 ways to react. One is the descent into victim mode or  the other option is to bounce back, learn lessons and aim for greater heights. The road less travelled is the one to go for.  We often seem most scared of the things we most want and therefore  unwittingly act in a way to stop them happening. I am using the recent setbacks as a stepping stone to greater goals and have a renewed drive for an original and unique goal that most experts consider highly unachievable.

By setting forth towards this challenge, it has led to vibrant, positive people crossing my path and offering assistance. Training has risen to a whole new plane , diet has had to be improved to cope with the training demand and alcohol intake has reduced to a trickle. I will be dedicating all my efforts to the new goal once we have completed the Paris marathon and will be raising funds for the same charity. For the time being, focus is on Paris ………….. Please click on the above links and support a fantastic cause. Dave





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