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On Thursday evening 5th July I delivered a presentation to employees and guests of Adele Carr Financial Recruitment at St James Court in Warrington. Guests of honour included the Deputy Mayor of Warrington and Chris Riley, the flying wing of Warrington Wolves.

The talk was structured around 6 events, 4 of which have already taken place and 2 of which are imminent. The events are

  1. Deca triathlon in Monterrey, Mexico in 2008
  2. Rematch !!!  Deca triathlon in Monterrey, Mexico in 2010
  3. Parkinson’s support run from London-Rome June/July 2011—- 1357 miles in 30 day
  4. 10 x Ironman in Sicily October 2011
  5. Sub 9 hour Ironman Distance attempt August 18th 2012
  6. 30 ( yes 30 !!!) x Ironman September 2013 Lake Garda in Italy


Linking the presentation together were a selection of beliefs and attitudes that can benefit life in terms of work, sport and relationships.

  1. Getting out of comfort zones . If something scares you slightly or makes you feel uncomfortable, then that is a good reason to do it . Especially with sport, the hard training brings a tolerance of discomfort that leads to physical and psychological benefits. I acknowledged here my inspiration, Geoff Thompson and his book ‘The warrior’.
  2. Not being scared or fearful of success and aiming for the stars. Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. ( Jane Tomlinson, Mark Inglis etc)
  3. Victim or victor mentality. I talked of low self esteem and how our insecurities show themselves in what we eat , drink and in our relationships.
  4. Giving of yourself. Positivity reflecting back. A life of real highs (and lows) is so much more rewarding than flatlining. The talk was not a glossy, sponsored presentation but straight from the heart.


Many thanks to all who attended. The reaction at the end was quite overwhelming. It was both rewarding and at the same time humbling, to witness the effect on people present. The comments and kind words that people took the time to wait and say in private have motivated me further. To be in a position to inspire and motivate is extremely special . It was a landmark experience for me and many many thanks again to everybody there, who will understand why that is the case. To discard the prepared notes and speak openly was a liberating feeling. It took an empathetic and genuine group of people in the audience to allow that tohappen.  A wonderful evening.


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  • pam case says:

    The audience was rapt !!! So many people wanting to speak personally to you after the talk. Fantastic Dave. Pam Case

  • Trevor Palin says:

    I would also like to say how inspirational you are for the amazing things that you do and I really enjoyed your talk the other day

  • Rob swift says:

    Great talk Dave I enjoyed hearing about your challenges. I felt inspired ,Thankyou . Rob

  • Simon Bilson says:

    A BIG thankyou to Dave for presenting a Awesome evening to NW business leaders!
    I have caught up with many of the attendees who have all commented on his Inspiring Goals and Achievements!!!

  • Pam Case says:

    Dave – you were awesome! I don’t know many people who can hold an audience rapt for that long and STILL have them asking questions and queueing up for a private chat afterwards… Pam Case

  • Dave Clamp says:

    Thankyou for the comments. Weirdly, the fact that I was able to inspire/motivate the people in the room, has motivated me to train harder too. That’s handy :-) …… inspired by my own talk !!! Perhaps I should listen to myself more often

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