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TRIATHLETE Dave Clamp is bidding to become an Iron Man world record holder at the double at the age of 54.

In July he will be competing in the “Outlaw” Iron Man Challenge in Nottingham as he aims to break the world record in the over 50s age group. But that is nothing compared to his next world record attempt in September when he will be taking part in the Triple Decker Iron Man Challenge at Lake Garda in Northern Italy – which involves 30 Iron Man Challenges in 30 days!

An Iron Man Challenge involves a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike race followed by a marathon run of 26.2 miles!!! Not bad for someone who had little interest in sports during his school years! Dave, who lives on Waterside Drive, Frodsham, and runs his own personal training business, has been undergoing rigorous physical and scientific tests at the world renowned Gatoraid Sports Science Institute based at Loughborough University to ensure his body is up to the physical challenges ahead.

The results have certainly been impressive, revealing he has the fitness levels of a 25-year-old Premiership footballer and less than 10 per cent body fat! Dave completed his first marathon in Paris at the age of 20 purely for recreational purposes- but has certainly gone on to make up for his lack of sporting prowess at school – having now completed well over 100 triathlons all over the world including, Germany, Canada, Mexico and Holland.

In 2011 he ran from London to Rome covering a distance of 1,357 miles in just 30 days, helping raise funds for Parkinson’s Disease after his friend Alex Flynn was diagnosed with the condition aged just 38, with the aim of helping raise £1million for which fund-raising is still ongoing. He followed this up by running the Paris Marathon raising over £4,000 for bowel cancer after one of his clients was diagnosed with the condition. To break the world record in July he will have to complete the Nottingham Triathlon in Under 9 hours – while if he wins the Triple Decker Challenge in Italy it will certainly be a new world record – as it has never been done before! Dave has some international pedigree as an athlete, winning a silver medal in the European Championships in Germany in 1995 as a member of the GB elite team. In 2002 in came third in the European Double Iron Man Championships and more recently came runner up in the Deca (10x) Iron Man challenge in Mexico.

He will be one of just 30 selected to take part in the Triple Decker event after the scientific testing proved he was up to the task of completing a sub nine hour challenge He will be continuing with fund-raising for bowel cancer and is currently undergoing more than 20 hours of intensive training a week. “The fact that I had no sporting talent as a school boy just goes to show your best days are certainly not behind you in your 30s, 40s and even 50s,” said Dave.

“It is all about pushing yourself outside your comfort zones. If something scares you a bit it is a good reason to do it. We all only tap into a small percentage of what we are capable of.” Dave is often supported on his challenges by his son Sam, aged 26 and daughter, Harriet, aged 24, who form his support crew – and both of them will be joining him on his Triple Decker Challenge in Italy.

Dave wouldn’t be able complete his challenges without the support of his sponsors which include Styles & Co Accountants, who have donated his £2k bike and Adele Carr Recruitment who have donated his work wear and Orca sportswear.

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