Dave Clamp

Styles pictureBelow are links to 2 recent articles regarding Dave’s bike sponsorship deal with Culcheth accountancy firm, Styles and Co. Dave first met up with Managing Partner, Ian Lloyd, at the Lymm Focus BNI networking group. Ian became very interested in Dave’s world record attempts and contemplated helping in some way. Dave had been racing on a 10 year old bike and they discussed the benefits that a new, carbon fibre bike could bring. With Ian’s support, Dave discussed the possibilities with Dr Andy Kirkland of British Cycling and they approached Martin Bannerman of ADR ( aero dynamic racing) . Martin supplied the sleek racing machine in the picture , which Dave will use for racing this year at the Ironman distance race in July and the 30 x Ironman race in Italy in September.

Dave has also been running a weekly bootcamp for Ian and the other employees of Styles and Co. This has helped to build camaraderie amongst the staff and has improved their fitness and health. Ian himself has knocked 20% off his benchmark running timetrial in the space of 11 sessions. It is proving to be a mutually beneficial partnership, which is going from strength to strength. Dave recently was a guest speaker at a Styles and Co seminar. This again had a positive impact for both Dave and Styles and Co.




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