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Dave has been receiving a huge number of good luck emails from around the world.  We thought we’d put some of them here on their own special page for him, and you, to read.  (You can read lots more comments and good wishes that Dave’s supporters are continuing to leave on individual blog posts.)

“Good luck in the big race starting sunday Dave, hope all goes well, you
will do really good, we will follow your pogress, all the best mate.” Andy

“Hi Dave hope you have a great race. When the going gets tough the tough get going.  I Know they don’t come any tougher than you.  I have no doubts that you
will be giving 110% because that is the kind of athlete you are.  GOOD LUCK Jim”  Jim Eckersley

“Bonsoir mon Ami,
Encore cette année, je vais te suivre à tous les jours via Internet.  Malheureusement, je ne serai pas en mesure de courir avec toi.
Je te souhaite une compétition à la hauteur de tes attentes.
Jean  (Gisèle say HELLO)”  Jean

“Good luck Dave
Really thinking of you
Will be proud of you

“Greetings from tropical North Queensland. Best of luck from both of us ..did 10k today and that was bad enough
in this humidity!
ps always turn left when you board an aeroplane !
Stu n Deb x

“Hi Dave
Was thinking about you getting ready to start the Deca today as I got
dragged round a 30 mile ride by my son!
All the very best – have a great event.

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  • DC says:


  • Emily Davies says:

    Dave You’re fantastic! Go for it. Emily

  • becks says:

    good luck u will finish first great cause xx

  • ivan davies (client) says:

    ” never let the odds stop you from achieving; in your heart, what you know you were destined to do…”

    Now go for it…

  • Wow you are simply amazing… Keep that spirit soaring as you carry so many of us with you. Please make me a one minute video when you return, it would be an honor to have it. Kindest colleen henderson-heywood

  • Its amazing what you are doing – looking strong, keep going, cheering you on from Kent.

  • John Heaney says:

    Hi Dave,
    had computer trouble so not able to contact you sooner. You seem to be doing fine without my encouragement though.
    I suppose I am now going to be losing sleep again like two years ago, looking up your progress in the middle of the night and worrying about you. You’re a big boy though and can look after yourself and sounds like you have a smashing team out there helping you.
    All the best to all of you.
    Everyone here is looking out for you and if we could send energy down the internet then you would be turbo-charged.
    Keep it up. We are all very proud of you.
    Cheers, John Heaney.

  • Adrian Cora Decunto says:

    Hi Dave,
    I knew about you through Brian New. I used to live in the UK but now I am in Argentina and belive me I regret now having met you and gone for a few runs with you and Brian.
    I am following your progress from Buenos Aires so I guess that by now you have people cheering you on around the world!!!! Keep it up mate!!!


  • Matt says:

    Good luck Dave. Its an incredible challenge, me and my wife are both inspired and amazed with what you are doing! Keep going :)

  • Jim Eckersley says:

    Fantastic Performance you are on the pathway to success
    I know you will follow it and ahieve your GOAL

    GOOD LUCK jim

  • Keep it up Dave, you truly are inspirational!
    Lynda and Dave x

  • Ian says:

    Thanks for not popping in the gym on Monday to brag about Notlob winning 5-1… and there you are in the land of Chicharito… so stay strong.. think Bolton the Brave and do it for the Whites..as otherwise the Red Devils will bite.. buzzing off. Good luck Dave… Ian in Frod

  • Lainey says:

    What you are doing is unbelievable. Congratulations on what you have achieved so far, and good luck with the rest of the race.

  • balderstone says:

    fantastic time on the last lap we saw, you are going to succeed, I need a cup of tea to keep me watching,, and you will soon be able to join us all in the celebrations! love from the baldies

  • Jim Eckersley says:

    Well done Dave . GREAT RACE you are truly an inspiration
    to us all A big thankyou to all the people who made it
    possible to follow your daily progress.


  • RiRi says:

    Congratulations Dave! Absolutely fantastic!

  • simon says:

    Just amaising, greatest of congratulations. Tequilla all round…
    and the beard looks good!

  • Clare oconnor says:

    Well done Dave u star . It’s fantastic . U really are amazing and fab. The workmen ruined our Internet access and sat tv yesterday ( that’s burnley fans for you) and I couldn’t find out how it was all going , what a great surprise tonight when i got in from work. Well done and congratulations . U must be so proud of yourself . Amazing xx

  • BRAVO Dave pour cette autre réalisation!!!!

    Tout un guerrier!!!

    Meilleurs voeux du Québec.


  • Bravo Dave!!!!

    J’ ai suivi ton évolution avec intérêt durant tout le Déca.

    2 ième Décatriathlon de complété!!! Wow!

    Tu fais partie maintenant d’ une belle brochette d’ athlètes hors norme!

    Félicitation encore mon ami et au plaisir de te revoir bientôt!

    Yves Beauchamp

    Laval – Québec – Canada

    • Dave Clamp says:

      Merci Yves . Qu’est-ce tu fais aujourd’hii ? Promenade a velo ? :-) Je connais une jolie circuit a Monterrey avec un petit lac , des canards , des petites collines . Est-ce que tu vas a Sicilia ? Dave

  • Your pledge and commitment shown to the PD community is truly appreciated by me personally and I am sure all those who’s lives are touched by chronic illness. By joining us you help to educate inform and improve the lives of so many, that is priceless! So thank you.

    • Dave Clamp says:

      Thankyou. I’m looking at ways to highlight my participation in the 10 x Ironman in Sicily starting 30/9/11 in order to raise funds fot Alex Flynn’s 10 million metre campaign

  • Gareth Boyd says:

    Amazing Amazing Amazing stuff Dave. You and Alex are running legends.

  • Pete Johnson says:

    Dave, good luck in Sicily, you are truly amazing and a inspiration to us all. Pete.

  • Gareth Boyd says:

    Dave – I hope the overnight rest does you good and that you manage to recover enough to continue…GOOD LUCK Gareth and family

  • Mimi says:

    Dave you are going great guns…….keep going cheering you on from kent in my usual very loud fashion. did ask John to give you a big kiss from me which I think he declined as you smelt too much! so I’m sending you a humungous hug from me xxxxx

  • Mark Jackson says:

    Dave a fantastic effort, not sure even you could top this! 10 ironman triathlon’s in 10 days! bloody hell ,i’m gobsmacked!

    cheers Mark (Bolton Tri)

  • Tim Jordan says:

    Well done Dave, unbelievable effort. You must be clinically insane!

    Tim Jordan (Lymm BNI).

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